Canaan Bobb Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Friends and family,

Greetings from Malawi! It’s wonderful here. I am still getting used to many things here, primarily the heat and frequent power outages. I’ve had experiences with much of the wildlife, from monkeys right outside my window to bats in the ceiling. I’ve been helping a lot with the maize mill. Teen Missions has a maize mill here in Malawi where people can come to grind their maize for half of the price of somewhere else. I play soccer with the staff and students sometimes. I’m terrible at it, but they let me play anyway. 

The people in Malawi are great. They always greet you with “Hi, how are you?”. Today we went to get hassock for the pigs. On the way back, Seth swerved a little to miss a herd of goats and we slid off the road. I asked Seth what would happen if we couldn’t get out (we were pretty far deep in mud). Seth assured me that we would get out. Not long after he said that all the people in the area came to help. We had small children carrying bricks to put under the tires and elderly men pushing on the truck. I was very surprised at how willing everyone was to help. That’s something you don’t see in America—people willing to get muddy to help someone they don’t even know get their truck unstuck. The people here are fantastic and I’m having a great time.

Family update

Mom and dad are still looking into other ministries to see which one is right. Madison is doing great in college at Asbury and Taylor is also doing well. She has recently joined a roller derby team, so hopefully that doesn’t turn out badly. Zoe is enjoying her Freshman year at Edgewood and she is excited to see what God has in store for her and my parents.


I will continue to serve here in Malawi, helping with various projects and ministries Teen Missions is doing here. The coordinators would like to take me to see the other bases in Malawi. I hope to join the students in their soccer ministry and I’m looking forward to learning new things about the culture and developing new skills.

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