Mike & Rena Reilly Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Hey Friends & Family,

Mike putting up lights for Christmas
Our home in lights

What an odd journey since October of last year with a lot of changes. We have done more “things we have never done before” or “not done in such a long time we cannot remember”—like staying in the U.S. for more than four months (that will change soon–more later). Some examples are: watching a leadership change at Teen Missions which has seen more work for Rena and myself; seeing my Red Sox win their fourth World Series, with so many times having two outs then a home run; enjoying Thanksgiving with Rena’s family and having a real whole turkey; helping prepare for Christmas for hundreds and it was not even for Australians; decorating the outside of our home (never done that since we’ve been married); attending three different Christmas parties with a large amount of people; and going to Disney Springs in Orlando to look at “The Christmas Tree Trail” with our kids (it was a free event). The list goes on.

Kid’s Update

Holiday rocket launch, right down the road from us
Florida Christmas Selfie 

The hardest part of the holiday was watching our kids, that are all grown up, get back on the plane and head to their own adventures. Michael is in Minnesota studying at Northcentral University (he’s completed two and bit years). Like his father, the major he started out with is not the major he is doing today. But unlike his father, the classes he has taken can be applied towards his new major—smart kid, must have gotten that from his mom. His major is a BA in Entrepreneurship. Katie Rose cannot get school out of her system—she is working on her Master’s Degree in English. Neither of us know where she got those brains from. She is also working full time. The stress of doing both does get to her at times, but she is pushing forward. Our son-in-law, Brandon, is working part time and keeping up with things at home during this time, which is a huge blessing and support for Katie Rose. Pray for all of them, that they follow God with all of their hearts, and not be distracted. Yes, like we said it was hard to see them leave. We just wish we could hold them a little longer (the daddy’s heart expressed here). We are so proud of them!!!

Work Update

Mike relearning to carve turkey for Church Christmas meal

As for our workload it has changed and in some cases increased for the time being. At present I have been put in charge of International Operations and Rena has been working in the kitchen. We are still the Asian Coordinators and still in charge of the Australia base. We are heading back to Australia via New Zealand. By the time you get this, I will have already left for New Zealand to catch up with the Australian Board to start planning the future to RE-Boot (yes, a play on words) the ministry in Australia. The new staff that will be joining us have just finished helping the Boot Camp program in New Zealand. They will fly back to South Australia, pack up and drive the three-day journey to Tewantin, Queensland. Their names are Tim and Monika Foulkes. We also just found out that Monika is pregnant. So please pray for them (and baby) as they travel north. Pray for us as we train them in the finer things of running a program.  As always, I have a lot of plans, that includes my new position. Pray for me—at the rate I am going, I will either need a lot more staff (like 20) or a lot of patience waiting for God to catch up. Pray for Rena’s patience as she calmly listens to my many ideas without losing her mind. 

Overseas Base Updates

Simpson one of our Indian Board Members helping to carve

One thing you will see soon is that we will start putting some of the bases prayer requests on our Facebook and email updates. We have been put in charge to make sure their needs are taken care of, and the best way is in prayer. So, as our ministry expands, we hope you join us and pray for the things that God has given us and the new responsibilities to serve these overseas missionaries.

Prayer Requests

Pray for wisdom as we are dealing with issues on different fronts that may mean closing bases down, like India (We are hoping and praying it stays open, but pride is always the issue.).

  • Pray for our travel to different countries this coming year.
  • Pray for our finances. 
  • Pray for direction for us; we just want to be in God’s Will.
  • Pray for the different base coordinators. 
Sad day the kids had to go back to their place (notice I did not say back home, cause where Rena is it is always home)

In Christ,

Mike & Rena



Some plans have changed since we wrote this letter. We will be heading to Ecuador to work some things out and then we will be off to Australia.

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