Pat Storey Newsletter (Winter 2018)

Greetings from warm and sunny Florida!

I apologize for “rubbing it in”, but so many of you have told me how much you love the cold and snow, and I’ve seen so many snow pictures on Facebook that I decided you should know that I love the weather here this time of year!  So, if you aren’t one of the cold weather lovers, then you should come visit me right now!

Truly, I hope you all had a very blessed holiday season and your new year is proving to be happy, too!

Christmas Break Update

I was able to travel to Pennsylvania and Iowa and spend some time with my kids and grandkids.  They truly are a blessing from God!  I could not be more proud of them or love them any more!  God is so good all the time!  It was so good to see all the kids enjoying their Christmas gifts and to share their lives if even for a few days.  The best thing, though, is that they are all doing their best to live for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who is the reason we celebrate this season.  I loved getting to be a part of their lives for a few days.  I am so very thankful for the provision God has made in making a way for us to someday share heaven with Him.  

Teen Missions Update

Things at Teen Missions have been interesting, to say the least, since the change of directors, but things are beginning to settle down and we are all beginning to shift our focus to the Mud Run on May 4 and of course, Boot Camp soon after that.  We’d love to see you come participate in the Mud Run or just come for a few days and help us make sure all the jobs are covered that day.  Of course, we also always need volunteers during Boot Camp, so come on down. It would be fun to have you. 

There is a lot of work to do to get ready for both events and I’m really quite excited about this summer.  We will be implementing some changes and updates and it’s been a lot of fun figuring things out.  Please keep the staff and students in your prayers as we work toward those goals.

I may have said this already, but it is such a good thing we do when we take the teens out of the “world” and all it’s influences for a short time each year so they can focus more on the things that God wants to teach them and I am very proud and thankful to be allowed a part in it.  Our prayer is that they will value the lessons they have learned and use them throughout the rest of their lives.


This morning the sermon at my church included a list of statistics.  Did you know that in a 75-year lifetime, you will spend 25 years sleeping, four years eating, but only 11 months in church?  There were other things on the list, but I was struck by how little time we spend learning about the One who created us, sustains us and died a cruel, horrible death to save us from an eternity in hell.  We don’t take even one breath each day without Him.  It is sad how easy it is for us to let the things in our lives take precedent over the most important thing in life.  Granted, there are things we do and work at in life that are incredibly important. Putting others first, serving others and of course, going to church doesn’t get you to heaven, but there is NOTHING more important than living this life serving God and spending our time doing what HE is asking us to do no matter what our everyday job is.  I used to say, “That’s easy for them to say, they are doing it full time and don’t have another job.”  But to be honest with you, full time doesn’t necessarily make it easier because you start telling yourself that you’re doing all this good and godly stuff all the time and you can get to the point where you use that as an excuse not to serve Him at other times.  I guess I’ve been a little convicted lately that I need to be doing more for Him in my normal everyday activities.  Would you pray about that with me?  I truly need to do better.

Sorry about preaching, but I am beginning to feel much more urgency about all of this.  Those of us who know that we will be spending eternity in heaven need to be taking as many people with us as we can!

Thank You!

Thank you all for praying for me and for the ministry of Teen Missions and thank you so very much for your financial support.  I am so thankful for you and your faithful support of this ministry and to me personally.

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