Bob & Betty Lane Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Blessings to all and happy New Year! Betty and I have a lot to rejoice about as we heal and our pain decreases. The Bible instructs us to rejoice and be thankful.

The doctor’s have Betty’s pain level under control without using narcotics. She gets around very well with her walker, and does some house work. I still do the cooking and laundry. After 66 years of marriage, and taking care of her the last two years, I learned she likes her toast buttered all the way to the crust! 

The staff Christmas party was nice, and Teen Missions awarded us with a ‘Forty Years of Service to God” and a Teen Missions’ plaque. I enjoyed my continued role as Santa Claus to the staff children. 

We thank God for bringing us to Teen Missions; it has been the greatest part of our lives and so rewarding! Betty and I are blessed by who God has brought into our lives; those we have met along the way: Dr Bryn and Carla Jones, 1978 in Honduras; and Pastor Slaucè who helped us with the Boot Camp in Ukraine in 1992.

I am still on the Governing Board and I shared in Chapel last week. It’s nice that I can get out more. I have been asked to teach at times in the Teen Missions Bible school.

Betty and I went to our family reunion in Tampa. It was so nice to see most of our family. My brother had a stroke and now lives in a home.

Betty made her special fruit cakes during the holidays. I am still learning to paint; it helps me to relax. I also made me a horse from an old play horse for one of Betty’s dolls to sit on. Years ago Betty made a doll with her older sister. On February 2 Betty will be 83, and on March 3 I will be 88. We are not getting old, just older! 

I picked out some pictures of our past that I thought you might like to see. Betty and I want to thank you for your faithful prayers for us. 

Betty surprised me three weeks ago when she told me she would like to go to Switzerland to visit a dear pastor friend, (Bob’s age), who’s wife is now in heaven. We have known him for 25 years and he worked with us in Europe. I told her she had to get well enough to travel. Now our granddaughter Desiree, along with Lacy and her husband will go with us. I think they thought that we needed them. It will be fun. Their son and daughter will go as well. 

Prayer Requests: 

• Pray for health to travel

• Safety in travel

• To be a good witness for Jesus Christ

Remember to “Rejoice always and I say again, rejoice and let your gentleness, love and kindness be known to all.”

We love you all,

Bob and Betty Lane

Proverbs 3:5-6

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