Mike & Michelle Myers Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Christmas morning

A big “Hello” to our family, friends, church and former teammates!

Happy New Year! We had a wonderful Christmas holiday…late nights, sleeping in late, games, excursions, and time with friends. My parents came down from Canada just after Christmas Day and welcomed the New Year in with us too. I am so sad that it all had to end! School is back in session now and those things we enjoyed over Christmas are much harder to come by. Even with the returned busyness of life, we have started another year very blessed and are eager to see what the Lord has planned for us. 

Michelle’s grandma Thyra turned 100!

Summer Plans

Looking ahead, one of those plans will be leading the Holy Land team this summer. We will again be partnering with Hope Secondary School, a Christian school dedicated to providing education for children in need located in the Palestinian town of Beit Jala. We will be building tables and benches for a garden café dining area on the school’s campus. It is definitely not lost on me that there was a Carpenter who lived in the Holy Land 2000+ years ago that built these same items with His hands. This will be our fourth time venturing to the Holy Land and we definitely consider ourselves quadruply blessed! We are asking the Lord to safeguard each step we take and to shield us from the eyes of any who would seek to do harm. We have much anticipation for the ministry opportunities the Lord has in store for us, both to the people we will come in contact with once we are there and to our team as well. Pray that our walks with the Lord will deepen and that we will emerge from the summer somewhat different than we are before our summer adventure begins. May we sing a little louder, smile a little bigger, and see and understand so much more about our awesome God. May this be a life-altering and life-impacting adventure! 

Missions Festival

We will all be flying to Tucson in February for a Missions Festival. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of others that has made this trip possible. What a gift it is to be part of such a missions-minded church family. We can’t wait to reconnect with them and to share about the work that the Lord has allowed us to be part of at Teen Missions. Thinking about all the evening dinners that will stretch into the late night with old friends brings a giant smile to my face too. We are asking the Lord for traveling mercies as Mike will be flying over a few days before the kids and me due to school commitments. 

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the team members that are already signed up on teams and the ones that will sign up in the coming months. 

There are many daily distractions and circumstances that call for our attention. We don’t want any of those things to come at the expense of our personal quiet times with the Lord. Please pray for regular and fulfilling quiet time with the Lord.

Thanksgiving with Mike’s family

Would you please pray that God would provide the necessary financial support for Kenya, Isabelle, Lily, and Gabriel to go to the Holy Land this summer? We want to thank those of you who continue to give towards the summer expense of our children. Your gifts have an incredible impact in the lives of our girls. Although they are young, they truly are mini-missionaries, serving alongside us. Doors of opportunity open to them that do not open to us because they are children. Would you pray about your continued involvement on our Summer Expense Team? If this is the first time you are hearing about this team, would you pray about becoming part of it? We still have spots to fill! Asking for financial help is tough. However, we trust that as we share of our need, the Lord will gather those to us that will make up our Summer Expense Team. 

Fun with dad at work

Thank You!

We are so happy to be serving the Lord with Teen Missions and we hope this joy comes through to you in our newsletters. We could not be here without your continued support, both prayer and financial. We praise the Lord for His goodness to us in that He has surrounded us with such faithful friends and family! We are humbled daily by His continued provision in our lives and ministry. 

Serving Together,

Mike, Michelle, Kenya, Isabelle, Lily, and Gabriel

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