Robert & Dorah Yoder Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Dear Family and Friends,

Seasonal greetings to you all from South Africa. We hope and trust that God is keeping you all in His perfect peace and healthy in Jesus Name. It’s now four months plus since we moved to South Africa and the Lord is faithful and gracious to us indeed like always. It has been quite a season for us to grow in decision making and running the base. God is faithful and true to His promises that He will not leave us nor forsake us. He will always be with us till the end.

Familiy Update

We are doing good as a family. Ethan has started grade one and he is turning six years old on Valentine’s Day. Esther is still homeschooling, but on the waiting list for a spot at the nearby Christian school. She will be turning nine on April 7. Elisha is growing fast now and is two years old and will be three on November 29. We thank God for them—they are a blessing to us.

Boot Camp Update

Boot Camp was another exciting period with issues like drugs, anger, cigarettes, and team members with depression. They even brought things that only married people are allowed to have. The Lord helped us through and we saw a huge change in their lives. We counseled one boy who had bitterness and anger and he used to have a rough time controlling his temper. One day Dorah was cooking for the teams in the kitchen and this young man snuck in, stole a knife and wanted to go and stab his leader. Dorah and another student saw the boy and grabbed him. He was so upset, so she talked to him and called his head leader from his team. She said this boy is so bitter because he witnessed his father kill someone so he doesn’t like men. So we found out he was even taking pills to make him sleep. We prayed with him and counseled him. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior during Boot Camp and when it was time for the projects to start, he asked Dorah to talk to his mother to see if he could stop taking the pills because they were making him depressed and miserable. He said he was believing Jesus to heal him from his nightmares. His mother agreed and he stopped taking the pills. He traveled with the team to their project site where he did very well without his meds. This is one of our praises to God and how God can change someone’s life as long as one is willing. We thank God for getting us through the camp. Though it was tough sometimes, God gave us wisdom in dealing with every situation. Praise the Lord!

BMW Update

The BMW (Bible, Missionary & Work training school) here at Teen Missions will be starting on January 21, 2019. Dorah will be teaching Spiritual Life I this term and is excited to be a teacher. She is always busy in the BMW Kitchen and cleaning the guest house. I will be doing a lot of work in the office, running the school and base and trying to keep up with the Tabernacle. We are excited to see what God has in store for us this year. Last term we had two students and we are praying for 10 students this term, God willing. Here in South Africa we are not alone. We have two male staff members: Peter from South Africa and Kwame from Ghana and one volunteer, Mike from Nigeria.

Thank You!

Finally, family and friends, we want to say thank you so much for your support, both prayer support and financially. May God bless you. You are sowing into a good ground and your labour is not in vain in the Lord. We love you and we appreciate all that you do for us. May God bless you and remember you in time of need.

Yours in Christ,

Robert, Dorah, Esther, Ethan & Elisha Yoder

Is. 41:10

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