Thomas & Julie Clyde Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Dear Friends and Family,

We’ve been doing great down here in Florida. We have been enjoying the nice cool weather; it is a great change from the hot and humid summers. 

Thomas and I have been assigned to lead the Cambodia team this summer. We are really excited to go back to Cambodia! We have missed it so much. There is a time and place for everything. Even though we miss Cambodia, we understand that we are needed here in Florida right now. There is no lack of work to do here and are enjoying the challenges of new jobs. 


Asher is doing well and has taken his first steps! We cannot believe how quickly he is learning and discovering new things. The other day I was cooking and Asher was playing with the tupperware in the cabinets. I look down and he is no longer beside me. He had thrown out all of the plastic dishes and climbed to the second shelf of the cabinet. He also learned how to climb out of his bouncy chair on the same day. He is everywhere and into everything. It’s a new challenge, but I can’t help but feel proud with every new mischievous discovery he makes.


Thomas has been enjoying his new job in the Conference Center. He enjoys helping people plan for upcoming retreats and maintaining the Conference Center. One interesting thing about the Conference Center is all of the money that is made through the retreats goes to fund the Bible school here. Not only has he been busy with managing the Conference Center, along with booking and managing the retreats, he is also involved in the upkeep of the facilities of the Conference Center. This includes the cleaning and maintenance of the pool. He is now certified to care for the pool and enjoys the work. He has also been teaching early Church History at the Bible school. He enjoys teaching, especially finding challenging questions to ask the students to get them thinking.  


I have been helping where I can. I am unable to do the same work as before because I keep Asher with me while I work. One joy I am able to do is cook for the Bible school while the other cook is traveling. I enjoy being able to help wherever it is needed and I like the chance to get out and see others. I sometimes do other small jobs, but for the most part I am home with Asher. He is a full-time blessing just by himself.

Summer Plans

As I stated at the beginning of the letter, this upcoming summer Thomas and I have the privilege to be leading the Cambodia Motorcycle Sunday School (MSSM) team. We are so excited to be finally going back (God willing). It seems that every time we have tried to go back in the past, something has come up prevented it.. We are praying for this upcoming summer and that God will work with the team members who will be participating on our team.


We are very thankful for all of your support and prayers for us. It is always an encouragement to know that we are not alone in our work but are surrounded by so many people who care for us. Here are some prayer request for the upcoming months.

• Wisdom in parenting

• For the Cambodia team—for all of us leaders, the team members and the people we will come into contact with.

• For support raising

• Pray that for every task we do, we will do it as if it were for Christ Himself

Thank you for everything!


Thomas, Julie and Asher Clyde

P.S. We will be visiting churches August and September. If you would like us to come, please give us a call or message us at 352-586-0607.

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