Todd & Rosemary MacPherson Newsletter (Winter 2019)

Our Family

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s January! In December and January I often try and look back on what happened in the year and what is coming in the future. So join me as I look back and praise God for a few incidents of this past year and look to the possibilities of the future. 

Family Additions

We added two new people to our family this year. Timothy MacPherson was born in April, a few hours after Todd arrived back from a homeschool conference in Alberta. The timing of it all still amazes me. And Rebecca (Becky) married Todd’s brother Spencer in September. It was a lovely event that brought together family from Todd’s side that I had not seen in a great while, if ever. 

Spencer and Becky MacPherson

Unexpected Blessing

In January, God sent an organization to give money to Teen Missions in Canada, no strings attached. It was totally unexpected, but was exactly what the base needed to be able to have a booth at some of the homeschool conferences nearby for the next few years. 

Linda Evans

We also praise God for Linda Evans arriving to help twice this year. Her skill set was exactly what was needed to help this base grow and improve. She helped with some of the communications problems with the main office. She also is really good at seeing a space and finding ways to improve it. And just having a second person to discuss things with or to have at the big events that Teen Missions in Canada attends has been a great blessing. 

Linda Evans

Teen Missions in Zambia

Sometimes I forget that Teen Missions in Canada is part of a bigger organization with bases all over the world. We all work together to bring the love of God to those around us. I could give you a bunch of statistics about what Teen Missions is doing all over the world, but instead I would like to introduce you to a small miracle that happened in Zambia…

Zambia base coordinator: “Many have said to me recently, ‘Why don’t we see today miracles like in the book of Acts?’. Well, the answer to that is we do and even more so. They are just not in the big city churches, they are in the highways and byways of the bush. The girls reported that one day a young girl brought her two year old sister with her to Sunday school. The little girl had never spoken in her life. The parents were worried that there was something wrong with her as not one word from her mouth had been uttered so far. Well, they were singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World” and the older sister noticed the little girl singing along with them. This was something that had never happened. The younger sister continued singing on the way home and even after they got home. The parents noticed and said this must be a miracle. The circuit riders came back to the house a week later and the little girl was speaking fluently. The parents said to the riders that they wanted to be saved and could the girls pray for them. They did and the parents received Christ. Praise the Lord!…”

It can be hard sometimes to keep a positive attitude when things don’t go the way I want them to go. However, when I look past myself and even sometimes when I look back, I see God at work giving good gifts and doing miraculous things, and I am so grateful for what He has done.

Alberta Homeschool Conference 2018

Upcoming Plans

This coming year I’m not sure how it will go, but I do know where most of my energy will probably be spent at home—homeschooling, child training, homemaking, learning to drive, and friendship building. Timothy is eight months old; Phillip is three years old; Kara is four years old; and Shemar is six years old. I am finally past the initial phase of potty training with all but Timothy (he’s in diapers), Shemar is reasonable most of the time, and I’m not pregnant. So, things are finally slower or at least it feels that way. Now seems like a good time to focus more on training the kids, getting better home-care skills and making friendships stronger.

Todd’s focus is maintenance, promoting Teen Missions around Canada and discipling. He has the camp and the Teen Missions house to maintain which always keeps him quite occupied. This year he hopes to be at a few conferences to encourage others to go preach the Gospel to the uttermost part. Todd also wants to make sure that our children and the Outlook youth are encouraged and built up in the faith. 

That is what we have been up to. What about you? How was your year and where are you spending your energy this year? 

Happy New Year,

~Todd & Rosemary MacPherson

+ Shemar, Kara, Phillip, Timothy


For the next few months some things that you could be in prayer with us are: 

•  Phillip should have an appointment with the plastic surgeon to determine a surgery date for releasing his ear. 

•  Shemar and Rosemary as we continue homeschooling.

•  The conferences Teen Missions is hoping to attend: Mission Fest Vancouver happens this January; Saskatchewan Homeschool Conference is in February and the Alberta Homeschool Conference is in April. 

•  Safe travels for Linda as she leaves at the end of February.

And here are some things we are thankful for:

•  You—thank you for reading and/or supporting us financially or in prayer.

• The opportunities before us to go to conferences and homeschool 

•  The blessings of 2018

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