Philippines Base Update

Greetings from the Philippines,

Our weather is getting nicer today. Weather forecast said that we will be expecting hot days for the next three months. This is a perfect time to do all our preparations for the upcoming boot camp.

Jerome and BMWs is now constructing new shelter that we can use for camps. They goal to finish before the boot camp starts,  so they are working hard on it. On the other hand, we still have lots of work to do to prepare everything. The OC  still needs to be check and fix because of the damage brought by the past rainy months. We get to check also the facilities to ensure that it works well.

Just this week we have stopped accepting submissions of interested campers because the four teams are already completed. The fields were also ready so we are now focusing in the preparation of the supplies and paper work sheets.

BMW ministry still continues. They visited another community and fed more or less 40 street children. We are overwhelmed to see that the children are able to enjoy Chicken porridge that the students prepared.  BMW target more community weekly to be able to give joy to the kids heart.

In Him, 
Fernando and
Genelie Tan 
Isa. 40 :31 

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