Time for a Refresher — Malawi

Canaan Bobb supervises Computer Class Student

Canaan has been teaching typing and computer classes to the students all day for the past 2 weeks and the students absolutely love it! He is doing a great job walking them through the basic computer skills to move them up to harder things. We are planing a final project that they will complete that will help the students when they start looking for a place for internship and even later in life. This is something that the staff and I have talked about implementing for a long time but never felt like it was a good time or that we had a person to help us do it. Now not only are the staff praising God for sending Canaan here but even the students are already seeing just a small part of the blessing that he is. This has also been a great way for him to have some 1 on 1 time with the students and to get to know them and interact with them a little before he starts teaching in the BMM next term.

Soon after Emily and I got back to Malawi one of the ceiling panels in my office broke and fell down. I had a hole in the ceiling for a couple weeks. We just got a replacement panel and some of the BMW students installed it for me and now I am sitting underneath a new ceiling or at least a new ceiling panel! I am thankful for the variety of things the students can do and their ever willing and cheerful spirit to help me with anything. Now the office is looking a bit nicer!
All the animals and gardens are doing well. In Chipoka we continue to expand our fields of cassava. We have never planted this much before but with all the rain that we have had, it looks like its going to be perfect for it! We are going to plant and work it but we are acting in faith that God will make it grow and produce a fruit that will be a blessing to many people! The monkeys have also come back after a few weeks of not seeing any or maybe just 1 at a time yesterday the whole troop was around and giving problems to those watching over the gardens. Miscious bought some slingshots for the people overseeing the gardens so they could keep the monkeys away!

We continue to look ahead to the end of this month when we will have 59 Teen Missions staff here in Chipoka from all around Malawi. We will also be sending 48 students from the Malawi BMWs out to cover the circuits, Units and girls homes of those staff so the ministries continue to run. Thats almost half of our students in Malawi that will get a chance to see how the ministries work. This will also be a great time for us to see who will make good future staff in those ministries. We look forward to having our friends, our brothers and sisters in the ministry come together as one family under Christ for fellowship, prayer, Bible study and encouragement and more. It has been a long time since all the staff have been together like this and because of so many new babies and a few weddings some of the people getting together have never even met! That just gives a picture of the size of Teen Missions in Malawi and where some of these staff live and do their ministry. Only 12% of our staff have electricity. 22% if you include the number of those who use a generator. The other 78% of the staff only have electricity if they have solar. This also means it is very exciting for them to come to Chipoka base and have electricity and running water.
Thank you for your continued prayers we will try to keep you updated about the things that are happening here in Malawi. — Seth Phippen

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