Praise from Malawi

I wanted to share this praise report with you from yesterday. 
I went to Lilongwe yesterday with Miscious because the founder of African Bible College had died and they were having a memorial service yesterday for him at the ABC campus. Before the service, I wanted to go to the Malawi Bible Society to check on the prices of some Bibles for our units and circuits. We have bought Bibles from the Bible Society many times and almost every year for BC we buy many Bibles from there. This time the Manager was in so we were introduced to him and we shared with him about the ministries of TMI do. He then shared with us that someone had purchased Bibles for him to give to a ministry or ministries that are working with people in the rural areas of Malawi. He then asked if we would like to have some Bibles for our circuits and units! He ended up giving us 4 boxes of children Bibles, 1 box of Yao new testaments and 2 proclaimers downloaded with the New Testament in Chichewa. To be clear that’s 96 Chichewa children Bibles and 32 Yao new testaments! That is huge praise. To purchase only the Children’s Bibles would have cost us around $880 USD. Please praise the Lord with us for this gift this is so wonderful and we are so excited that the Word of God has been translated through hard work into Yao and Chichewa and that people can have and hear it in their language! 

Thank you for your continued prayer for Teen Missions Malawi and the ministry that we are involved in here. This is a direct answer to the prayers of many people around the world. 

Please pray with us now that as the Word of God goes out that He would continue to transform the lives of people bringing them to an understanding of their sin and their need for Jesus Christ as their savior.

As your are involved in the board meetings this week don’t forget that we serve a God who loves His children and is able to do much more than we ask or think! 
To God be the glory. 
God bless,      

Teen Missions Malawi Country Coordinator 

Seth Phippen
Matthew 6:33

The first Picture is from Heart of Faith Rescue unit. 
The kids are so thankful for the saber that has been provided for that unit. 
They would like to say thank you to Faith Comes by Hearing and Teen Missions and the sponsors for giving them this gift so that they can hear the Word of God read in their language of Chiyao. 


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