Greetings from Malawi!

Overall, this week things have gone well and we have not had any big problems throughout the ministry in Malawi. 

Rumphi Base Construction 
They are continuing to build the new staff house in Rumphi and it is going up nicely! I have attached a few pictures so you can see the progress. The students are really learning about block laying and putting together the house. It’s good training that they have this project. 

Rumphi Base Construction 

Mangochi Motorcycle Circuit
Their motorcycle has had some wiring problems so they drove it from Mangochi to Lilongwe to see about getting the issue fixed at the dealer. They came to Chipoka last night with the motorcycle and it seems like the problem may be fixed because the whole drive here it just worked well. Continue praying for the motorcycles that we have in country that they would not have problems and they would continue to work well. 

House of Joel Rescue Unit
This afternoon Dave C. is taking the kids from House of Joel Rescue Unit to go to Amy Wellman Rescue Unit for the weekend. They have different ministry and outreach plans. House of Joel Rescue unit kids wanted to do this as an encouragement to the kids at Amy Wellman Rescue unit. Canaan B. has gone with them as well as one of the facilitators from House of Joel and 3 BMW students! I believe they will have a great time and this will be something we will continue to do in the future. 

Visa On Wednesday Emily and I went to Blantyre to drop of the paperwork for our visa extension. They gave me a hard time because I didn’t have copies of things they said I should have copies for although their paperwork was pretty clear that they didn’t need copies of those things. But once I got copies for them and paid they received all our extension info. Now we wait about a month to see if we will be accepted for another 2 years! Please pray that we would be granted the extension.

Meal with the Chief
Yesterday we delivered letters to the village chief and the district chief as well as to the Police chief in Chipoka inviting them to come for a meal next Thursday. We invited them all to have lunch here at the base and we can all sit down together and discuss things. Please also pray about this meeting. 

Driving license 
Austin a teacher at Mangochi base has started doing his driving school for truck license. He is doing well and goes for his first test on Monday. Two other guys are going to start their motorcycle license school and training either this week or next. 

Sunday School Ministry
The Sunday school ministries are going well. We have started sending out the Bibles we got from the Bible Society and the staff at the SS are so thankful! Emily has also started printing all the materials for SS for the next 6 months! It’s a lot of paper! We have used about seven boxes of paper and it usually takes about 16 boxes! Then we have to cut all the active pages and separate them into piles for each SS and then make sure that each circuit gets the correct number of materials! It’s a big job and we are so thankful that our photocopier machine is working well. It was bought in 2014 and only has minor issues for the most part, but it can be hard doing the SS printing if it gives problems. Praise God that it has been working well! 

Maize Mill
The maize mill here in Chipoka is working very well with only minor problems but we are so thankful for the cage that Josh made while he was here. Last week we brought in almost $100 from the maize mill. Praise God for that. 

Relief Work
During Refresher our staff at Katema Bike Circuit told me about a family who’s house had burnt down and they lost everything they had. The local chief gave them a small house where the family could stay but they had nothing; no clothes, food buckets for bathing or cooking pots. I had money that was designated for relief so I gave them some money to help the family. With the money I gave the staff they were able to buy the Green buckets for bathing, blankets for sleeping and a grass mat for sleeping on, clothessoap, notebooks, pencils and pens for the kids school, cooking pots and even maize for food! The family was very thankful. This is a family living in a very muslim area and they have seen Christians come to their aid! Thank God for the money that we had to help this family and pray that God would use this opportunity to share the Gospel with this family and many others in the community! 

God bless, — 
Teen Missions Malawi Country Coordinator 

Seth Phippen 


  1. Thank you for the updates and videos. Our son is planning to go to Malawi this summer with TMI and so I am trying to learn more about your work there. I was also wondering if the cyclone earlier this year has affected you. You are in our prayers, God Bless You!

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