Zambia Lufwanyama Boot Camp Report

 Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

We are grateful to God for all your prayers and support you have always given us.
Reporting on Boot Camp. Coordinator, Oscar Chama.

We have 16 Leaders and 117 team members on 4 teams.

We have picked up the team members for Boot Camp and we have a full Boot Camp. I think we have 41 extra people who are not budgeted for. We are believing God to help us feed them all with the budget we have. It is hard but it is the only way for us to accommodate all the Rescue units and other programs. A few years back we went to our Ngosa Rescue Unit to pick up the kids for Boot Camp. We had given them the number of kids we wanted from that unit; when we got there were more by one kid. This kid was promised that she would go for the following year’s Boot Camp, but she refused, kept on crying and we decided to take her in and she was happy. During Boot Camp she gave her life to Christ and was genuinely growing in her new walk with the Lord. Boot Camp ended and we took them back home and two days later she died. We asked ourselves what if we had said no to her request, she would probably have died without knowing the Lord. From that day onward I ask the Lord for his provisions whenever we encounter similar situation. So this year was the same and decided to take them in. The Lord has been faithful and so far it looks like we will make it just fine with what we have.¬†

We have started teaching our Boot Camp classes and the kids are responding well. We have had 46 salvation decisions in two nights and are believing God for more. What a joy it has been to be part of what God is doing; keep your prayers coming.

Prayer requests

Pray for good health for all boot campers. Salvation. Spiritual growth. Pray for 5 kids who have malaria. They are all on malaria medications and their conditions are improving. Safety on the roads. God’s provisions. We want to continue working on the future¬†Wangibisha BMW classroom, and will also start getting supplies for the works at Katembula and Lumanto dorms.

God bless you all.

In Christ service

Oscar Chama.

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