Bob & Betty Lane Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Dear Family and Friends,

Betty and I greet you in the blessed Name of Jesus, our loving Saviour and Lord, who fills our lives with love, joy and peace. Thanks for your prayers and love that you share with us, during our battles with our health.

Update on Betty

Her condition hasn’t changed that much. The pain in her lower back, legs and neck has returned. April 17th the doctor burned her nerve endings to give her relief for six to 12 months. Her right ankle still gives her pain, so on April 12th she went to a new foot specialist, he injected her ankle to help reduce her pain. On April 10th I took her to Orlando to a throat specialist. She has trouble swallowing. The doctor inserted a large 20mm balloon down her esophagus; it’s called a E.G.D.–CRE. The doctors told her if this didn’t work, she would have to have surgery on the hernia that has developed. Betty has suffered for so long, but she is a good trooper. She is not one to complain, but with my cooking, I sometimes complain!

Update on Bob

My neck is healing ok, but I still have some pain, so I take my meds every six hours. It has been seven months since my surgery. The doctor told me it could take up to one and a half years for complete healing. I am limited to what I can do. On April 24 I had my pacemaker replaced. I depend on the electrical shock it gives to my heart. These past two years have been rough, but thank God we’re managing!


I hired the daughter of a dear friend, who’s 17 years old, to help me in keeping our home in order. She has painted a couple of rooms and done yard work as well. She is raising money to go on a mission trip this summer and pay her auto insurance. 

Our 2007 Buick had to be replaced with a 2015 Toyota van. Betty wanted one, so we would have room for the grandchildren. It has a lot of safety features on it, which we like. It helps protect us on the road, and we need all the help we can get!

Switzerland Trip

Our trip to Switzerland is still on for July! God willing, we’re going to visit a dear pastor friend whose wife went home to be with Jesus a year ago. Willie and I are the same age and our birthdays are just a couple of months apart. Our granddaughter, Desiree, and Jacy, her husband, who hasn’t traveled outside of the States like Desiree has, is going with us to Switzerland, along with their children, Brennan 8 ½ and Gabriel who’s 5 ½. Our children are happy they’re going with us to be our chaperones. We’re happy about them going as well.

Granddaughter Update

Wendy and Bonnie, our granddaughters from the west coast and family came to visit us in April. It was a happy time to see them. God is so good! Wendy and Bonnie traveled with us to Switzerland as well, when they were younger. We tried to take our grandchildren with us when they reached the age of 10, which was helpful because they were old enough to carry their own luggage. 

Garden Update

My garden is growing; my mangos, papaya and bananas are getting larger. By June, they will be ready to eat. Spring is a wonderful time of the year. Everything comes to life!


As Easter comes up, it reminds us of Christ Jesus’ resurrection from the grave! We can shout He is alive! He is alive indeed! Our Saviour is alive, the greatest news we will ever hear! And He will return for those who have believed in Him as their Saviour. It could be soon—are you ready? We pray so.

Teen Missions Update

We continue to serve as much as we can at Teen Missions.  We love to pray for the staff and teens.  They are getting ready for their annual 5K Mud Run and the Boot Camp training is just around the corner.  

Thanks again for your prayers! 

In Christ’s Love,

Bob & Betty Lane

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 -Our family and friends’ Salvation

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