Canaan Bobb Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Hello Everyone,

Things have been going great here in Malawi. A few weeks ago I was able to meet almost all of the staff from all the bases, Rescue Units, Matrons Units and Motorcycle Circuits. There are many more staff here than there are at any of the other bases I have lived in (Florida, Russia and Cambodia). There are many Bible school students too. In America we presently have about ten students. Here there are about ten times that many. Teen Missions has Bible schools in four languages in Malawi. At the Chipoka base, where I am living, they do classes in Chichewa in the morning and English in the afternoon. I spend a lot of the work day teaching students how to use Word and Excel. Most of them have never even touched a computer before, so it can be interesting. Soon I will start teaching Medieval Church History to the English speaking students here. I really enjoy history so I am very excited about it. I have done more than teaching though.

Rescue Units

A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend at the Amy Wellman Rescue Unit. It is more remote than the other Rescue Units I have been to. I went with a group of Bible school students and young people as well as some staff from another Rescue Unit, House of Joel. It was a very fun experience. The Amy Wellman Rescue Unit is at a higher altitude so it was a bit cooler than where I normally am in Chipoka. When we got there, children from all over the area came for the games and the lessons that the staff gave. Many also came just to stare at the tall white man. A group of them followed me everywhere. Whenever I would look in their direction they would run away. The group of young people from House of Joel did an evangelistic presentation at a nearby village. There were folks of all ages there. It was a very cool experience.

Food and Sports

I have learned to do more cooking for myself while here. Back in Florida I would often eat lunch with the students and eat with my family for dinner. I eat with the students for lunch every so often, but I can’t eat nsima and soy pieces or beans all the time like they do. If you don’t know, nsima is the staple food here. It is made from corn flour and is very similar to dough. After work, some of the staff and students play soccer or volleyball. I am not very good at soccer, but I do enjoy playing volleyball. I am at least 4-6 inches taller than almost all of them so I do okay on the front row. They will often kick the ball instead of hitting it like normal. They are surprisingly accurate too. The students do sports evangelism on the weekends. They have their own soccer team and they will play teams from the surrounding area. Almost every village, no matter how small, has a team. They told me the students’ uniforms were donated from America and when I saw them with them on, they were from Merritt Island High School where I graduated. I said “Go Mustangs”!

“The Warm Heart of Africa”

I am having a very good time here. It can be kind of hot sometimes, but our base is less than a hundred yards from Lake Malawi. The lake is beautiful, but you can’t walk on the beach barefoot or your feet will burn. During the week of Refresher, a bunch of staff played soccer on the beach. They took their shoes off, but they wore socks the entire time and they would run into the water whenever the ball was not near them. Everyone here is very friendly. Everyone always asks everyone else how they are doing, even if they have never met the person in their entire life. The closest thing to an insult I’ve heard is some friendly teasing during volleyball. It really is “The Warm Heart of Africa.” 

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support.

Canaan Bobb

Prayer Requests

• I have been having some issues with dizziness lately. Please pray that that will stop.

• I am a little behind on my support. Please pray that more will come in

• I have never taught Medieval Church History. I have also never taught a class of no native English speakers. I have been told I talk too fast. Please pray God will give me patience and the ability to properly prepare

• Mom, dad and Zoe will be moving to Ohio fairly soon and then to Cambodia after that. Please pray for a smooth transition for them

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