Chico & Kathy Chicas Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Well, here it is….April 2019…it’s amazing how the time flies, isn’t it?!? And we must say, “It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.” Lamentations 3:22

We  are going to begin this newsletter by looking back. Remember in the last letter, we were still in the middle of the project time with the teams, so I said that I would give the final results in the next letter? Okay, here they are!

With the kids in Danli

Santa Cruz Boot Camp

One of the three teams we had at the Santa Cruz Boot Camp had a construction project; the other two teams were purely evangelistic. The construction team went to the southern town of Danlí, where they helped with the building of a Sunday school classroom. They dug and laid a 20 x 30 foot foundation and then laid ten rows of blocks for the walls. The second team went to the southwestern mountains of La Paz, where they actually walked a total of approximately 50 miles over a period of 17 days! In that time, they visited six villages doing door-to-door evangelism. The third team went to the western mountains of Intibucá where they walked about 30 miles, but rode about 90 miles in the back of a pick-up because the villages are so far apart there. They were able to visit four villages, doing both door-to-door evangelism and open-air presentations. Between the three teams, many people heard the Gospel for the first time ever, and 57 children and adults made the decision to believe in Jesus as their Savior! Please pray for these people to grow spiritually: to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and to learn how to follow Him fully!

Finished floor in Intibuca church

Besides the work that is done in the communities, a lot of work is done in the lives of the team members themselves! This is one of the most exciting parts of the Teen Missions ministry—getting to hear how lives are changed! Following are the testimonials of just a few:

“I just want to say that I was not born into a family that instilled the love of Christ in us. In 2015, I came to the feet of Jesus. Since that time, it has been a difficult process. When I came here to the Boot Camp, I found out that all this time I had been living a comfortable Gospel life. I give thanks to God, because all of this time away from home has helped me to realize that I haven’t done anything for the Lord except just sing and go to church. Thanks to God, there are places like this to help us have a closer relationship with the Lord. The Lord has put many challenges in my life. I hope that I can serve Him in a different way and that I can take the Gospel to many places.” Javier B.

Evangelism in Intibuca

“First of all, I want to express gratitude to God for the organization, Teen Missions. It really has changed my life. I was discouraged when I arrived at Boot Camp. Through the experiences, God touched many areas of my life…I am leaving now with a restored spiritual life, I really learned to value many things that I did not value before…and God has confirmed the calling that He has made on my life…” Dilcia M.

During our final closing service, a total of 41 team members, leaders, and visitors responded to commit their lives to the service that God calls them to. Please pray that these people will be faithful to the Lord to carry out their commitments. (Matthew 9:37-38) Even though many are called, it continues to be true that few actually take action to obey. (Matthew 20:16) We recognize that not everyone who is called to serve the Lord will come to attend the Teen Missions Bible school. However, out of 41 people, only two enrolled as new students for this term. It is important to note that there were others who wanted to come but weren’t able to get the required permission. Please join us in praying that God’s will be done, and these others will be able to come in the next term (June 2019). We have two students who are in their second year, so together with these two in their first year, we currently have four students.

The team in La Mosquitia Boot Camp

La Mosquitia Boot Camp

For the first Boot Camp in La Mosquitia, they had planned for three teams, but when only seven team members showed up, they made one team. During the project time, that one team did all three projects! It was quite incredible as the ages of the team members was 11 to 14 years old! First, they spent one week in Betania mixing concrete and pouring the floor for a church. Next, they spent one week on the Plátano River working alongside a North American team who was laying a foundation for a church. Finally, they returned to Betania for the last week, but this time they worked with a different church in the mornings and then went out with the circuit riders in the afternoons. All three weeks, besides the work projects, the team was doing evangelistic presentations as well. Although they don’t know of any decisions that were made for Christ, we do know that many seeds were planted! In addition, five of the seven team members themselves made the commitment to serve the Lord with their lives. Praise the Lord! 

Because of the young ages of the team members, they were not able to get any new students at this time, so the Bible School in La Mosquitia continues with four students as well.

Eleazar, Ana, and baby Hadasa Abigail

Staff Update

Thank you for your prayers that God would bring the right people to be in charge while we are away! It seems that God has answered those prayers! Eleazar Andrade graduated from our Bible school a few years back. He met and married Ana, a graduate in theology, and they now have a baby girl. They both felt led to join staff with Teen Missions and we can see that their experience, character, and love for the Lord will help them as they embrace this new responsibility. Dunia and Karina switched places, so now Dunia will be working with Eleazar and Ana, and Karina will be out in La Mosquitia with Ramiro and Faustino. Dunia’s experience with Teen Missions is a perfect complement to Eleazar and Ana because she already knows the financial system and policies and she is a good cook! All three of them will be able to teach classes as well. Out in La Mosquitia, Karina is getting the opportunity to learn the cultures of the Miskito and Garifuna people while helping Ramiro with the administration part of running the Bible School.

Upcoming Team Prayer Requests

As mentioned in our last newsletter, Chico and I are planning to lead the Honduras Motorboat Team once again this summer. Abi and Joel would accompany us as we spend two weeks at the Santa Cruz base and two weeks at the base in La Mosquitia. Please pray that our team will work together well, and that we would have love for and patience with one another! And please pray for all of the Teen Missions teams this summer, that God will bring the team members that He wants, and that each team member will allow God to work in their life; also for traveling safety, for good health, and that the teams will be good examples wherever they go; and finally, for the leaders to be sensitive and obedient to God’s leading, so that we can BE the salt and light that draws others to glorify God. (Matthew 5:1-16)

Samuel Update

The first week of April, Samuel was the translator for a North American team in the mountains of Intibucá. This was not a Teen Missions team, but they were working with the same missionaries that our team had worked with during our Boot Camp. They did evangelism in the area schools and poured the concrete floor for a church. Coincidentally, it was the same church that Samuel’s team had been helping just three months previously! What a blessing to be able to help finish a project that you had helped to begin! While we’re talking about Samuel, we’d like to say a huge “thank you!” in advance, to those of you who have already made generous donations towards his missions trip this summer! We have never seen such an outpouring of support as we have this year. Now, you can continue your support through prayer. Please pray for Samuel to have wisdom as he will be a leader on his team to Uganda this summer.

Daniel Update

Before closing, I would like to share briefly about Daniel! He has done very well in his second year at Pensacola Christian College and he is getting more involved in ministry opportunities. This summer, he decided to work at PCC’s summer camp rather than going with Teen Missions. Just one more experience to add to life!

Thank You!

We cannot thank you enough for your love and support, and for your prayers! We love and appreciate you and we pray for you, too! 

Chico, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel, Abi, and Joel

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