Mike & Michelle Myers Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Hiking in Arizona

A big “Hello” to our family, friends and former team mates!

Our summer is just weeks away and we are anticipating great things for our up and coming trip to the Holy Land. The Bible teaches us that where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18a). In light of this, Mike and I always set goals and talk about our vision for our summer teams. Some goals never change. Obviously, we would like to complete our project: building tables and benches for a garden café dining area on the school’s campus. But more importantly, we want to impact the lives of others with the saving news of the Gospel. Every day we are reminded of just how much people need to hear about Jesus. Nothing else will fix the problems we face, and things will just get worse the more we forsake Him. Because of this, heavy on our hearts and minds is to be spiritually ready in our personal walks with the Lord so that we can be ready for what awaits us. We recognize that being unprepared will hurt us and hinder our ability to accomplish the tasks set before us. We want to finish the summer and be able to say that we finished everything well and to the best of our ability, that we were content in all things and situations and that we chose to put on the garment of praise every day, that we were examples to the unbelievers and believers alike and that we were bold in proclaiming the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Join in prayer with us now as we bathe our ministry and team in prayer. Pray that the people of Palestine, Israel, and our team mates (some may not know Him!) will have receptive hearts to the message of Jesus Christ as many live in physical comfort but hurt inside and live in spiritual poverty. We want to be able to help them find out Who Jesus Is!

We had the best day ever at Disney and are grateful to our friends who gifted us the experience!

Although being a part of the summer ministry with Teen Missions is always thrilling, and truly a unique experience, it also comes with hardships and trying circumstances that test our endurance and our ability to trust in the Lord. For myself, I always struggle with perfecting the balancing act of being a wife, a mother, team leader, and staff member. Each is a FULL-time job!!! This year, Mike’s mom, Debby, will be flying to Florida again and staying with us throughout all of Boot Camp. I am grateful for the love and care she will give to our children while Mike, Kenya, and I sweat it out at the Lord’s Boot Camp! Isabelle, Lily, and Gabe have grand plans of sleeping in, school-less days, taking swimming lessons, going to the beach, attending an art camp, enjoying play dates with friends, and having an abundant amount of “Grandma time”. I am happy for them, and for the gift her presence gives of a few “normal” weeks of summer vacation. For our part, Debby’s presence will give us that peace of mind that all parents want when others are involved in watching their kids. Knowing that our children will be under the care of someone who loves them almost as much as we do will make the long, hard days easier…at least when it comes to that full-time ‘mom job’ I mentioned earlier.:)

The magic is not lost on adults either

We want to thank each one of you who have been so faithful to serve beside us as we endeavor to serve the Lord at Teen Missions. The Lord has shown his goodness to us through each of you. We are so happy to be serving the Lord with Teen Missions and we hope this joy comes through to you in our newsletters. We could not be here without your continued support, both prayer and financial. We are humbled daily by His continued provision in our lives and ministry. 

Serving Together,

Mike, Michelle, Kenya, Isabelle, Lily, and Gabriel

Prayer and Praise…

God is really answering our prayers surrounding our upcoming summer mission trip to the Holy Land.  We have raised 75% of what we need to bring our whole family with us on the trip! We always go back and forth about whether or not to share about our specific needs when it comes to the financial aspect of serving in missions. However, we always come back to the truth that if we don’t let people know our needs, they won’t know how to help. We trust that as we share of our need, the Lord will gather those to us who are able to give. Currently we have around $2500 left to raise.  We praise the Lord for His provision thus far. 

Pray for the upcoming Teen Missions Mud Run on May 4. It is a 5K race with over 30 obstacles and lots of mud and water! Almost half of the course is on dirt trails through the woods. It has challenging obstacles that will push participants out of their comfort zone and past any limiting beliefs they might have. The run is an important event when it comes to financing the ministry of Teen Missions worldwide. It is a major affair in our household every year. Our kids just LOVE running it.

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