Paul & Beth Kostner Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members,

Wow! It is mid-April already and time to give you another update on what has been happening in our ministry and with us and our family!

In April, both Big Top #1 and Big Top #2 have been put up. This is always an exciting time for us as it means both the Mud Run and Boot Camp are just around the corner and we get to see that what we have worked towards since September coming to fruition. We know that very soon we will meet all of the 300+ team members who we have been faithfully praying for daily in our Prayer Closet.

Mud Run

This is our fourth year of doing the Mud Run and the proceeds benefit our overseas bases and their ministries. The staff have been working hard at getting the obstacles in place, seeking support from businesses along with getting the word out for registrations. My part in this process has been entering the many registrations into the computer. The Mud Run is on May 4 and if you are interested in either volunteering or participating, please go online to or give a call to the office (321-453-0350). Please pray for a good response to the Mud Run and for safety as the participants run it.

Summer Plans

This summer we will be staying home to help run the office and Debriefs. We will be moving out here for the summer in the beginning of June. We have to man the phones 24/7, clean rooms, host a work group, maintain the outside maintenance, monitor emails, post email reports, help in the kitchen and run Debriefs. Once again, there are very few of us staying home to accomplish all of these things. However, it is always fun to watch how God works it all out! Please pray for health, strength and wisdom for us this summer. Please pray for the health and safety of the teams on their projects and for spiritual growth and evangelistic opportunities for all the participants.

Lindsay Update

Lindsay continues to enjoy her social work job in Orlando. She passed the state required exam! She is also playing in an adult soccer league. Although they are winless, she is enjoying it. We have been able to go to a few of her games which is fun. It fulfills our “soccer” addiction—we have been soccer parents for over 20 years and have been going through withdrawals. Please pray for wisdom for her as she deals with the precious children in the foster care system.

Colton Update

Colton has taken the semester off of school and is working full time. He has been accepted to start at the University of Central Florida in the fall where he will study film. He is working on getting all of his paperwork in. Please pray for clarity for Colton as he decides where he will be living and for a good financial aid package. Also, please pray for a new part-time job when he starts school at UCF in the fall.

Danae Update

Danae is finishing up her junior year at Wheaton College and continues to love it. She messaged me on Monday to say that it had snowed. This Florida girl was not impressed with snow in mid-April! She will be traveling to Taiwan this summer to work with a Christian ministry doing VBS and teaching English. She is very excited! They will be paying her a nominal wage to cover food and transportation. One of our local former team members was also accepted, so she will have someone to travel with. She is planning on going back to school early to work in the school’s post office before starting the semester. She will be doing the “Wheaton in Chicago” program where she will live in an apartment, volunteer at a non-profit during the day and have classes in night. There are only 18 in the program, four in an apartment. It is hard to believe that she will be a senior next year! Please pray for health and safety as she travels to and ministers in Taiwan this summer. Also, please pray for wisdom as she teaches the children in Taiwan. And a good financial aid package (and/or odd jobs) would be a BIG blessing for her senior year!

BJ Update

We will be picking up BJ from Bryan College at the beginning of May. He has done much better this semester! He was able to come home for Spring Break and brought four of his friends from Bryan. Those boys were such a blessing! Even though he spent most of his time on the river or surfing, we enjoyed having him home! Please pray for wisdom with his future decisions. Please pray that he will get a good job during this summer.

Teen Missions Update

There are so many exciting things going on at Teen Missions—not only here in the US, but all over the world! I have been “proofing” the prayer letters of some of our staff overseas and it always blesses me to read what is happening at these bases! Did you know that there are three bases in Malawi, over 100 Bible school students and over 60 staff? They also teach 74 Sunday schools weekly in remote villages, many of them Muslim villages. The village elders are so appreciative of what Teen Missions does for the kids in their villages and how kind our staff are. The Zambia students, staff and interns are ministering all over Zambia and lives are being changed. One of the places they are working in is on the border of the Congo where there are numerous opportunities to minister to the refugees, many who have been victims of unimaginable atrocities. At one of the Rescue Units in another area, Queen the staff lady, was asked to speak to the ladies at a church. Over 40 accepted Christ and those 40 have gone out sharing what happened to them, causing them to come to Queen asking for prayer and getting saved. Many of these women are also sharing with their husbands. And this is in a Muslim village!

Thank You

It makes us so appreciative that God has allowed us (and you!) to be a part of this ministry. Lives are being changed all over the world and we have the privilege of being a part of that! Thank you for the sacrifices you are making that allow us to serve here. YOU are a big part of what God is doing all over the world through this ministry!

In Christ,

Paul, Beth, Colton, Danae and BJ Kostner

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