Timothy & Christi Chaffee Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Happy Easter Season Family, Friends and Former Team Members,

As we reflect on the new life we’ve been given through Christ, we continue to be blessed witnessing the growth in our children. Brielle enjoys talking and has began displaying potty-training readiness. She repeatedly uses the phrase, “thank you” when given something she likes and has also used the words “diaper” and “stinky” – among other words to sometimes let us know when she needs a fresh diaper. David enjoys Squigz – a suction construction toy, and remains interested in building blocks. His favorite things to build are dinosaurs and rockets. Rebekah’s interests lately have largely consisted of belting out the lyrics to “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack and dancing throughout the living room. She has even called herself, “The Best Princess Dancer in the Kingdom”. Christi has been busy with making sure everyone keeps their appointments to stay healthy and I continue landscaping my favorite Star Wars planet with Lego – along with armor smithing on the side.

Personal Involvement

Christi continues homeschooling Rebekah, but makes the effort to come in to work every few weeks. Her and two other Teen Missions mothers rotate watching each other’s children on Friday afternoons, although with eight children it doesn’t always work out when someone is not doing well. She is interested in helping with projects sent home when they are available, but she is still anxiously waiting for that time to come when she could help further.

I’m still continuing in the Video Department and recently had the privilege to film a support-raising video for a young couple who are aiming to join staff. Additionally, with summer creeping up on us, I now serve outside two afternoons each week to help prepare for some of you to join us at the Lord’s Boot Camp in just a couple months!

Summer Testimony

Isabel D from the Zambia team shared, “Among many things the Lord is teaching me in Africa, one of the biggest is finding joy in all circumstances. So in honor of finding joy in everything, here is a poem:

See a sunrise every day, Hear the children start to play, Smell the breakfast in the pan, Later smell delicious Spam, Feel the cold when it is night, And the heat when it is light, Feel the love of children’s hugs, Feel the present of snakes and bugs, Feel your love for what you do, For family, friends, and Jesus too.”

Overseas Testimony

This testimony from Malawi brings awareness to how God is opening doors to Him through Teen Missions in a Muslim community. “During Refresher, our staff at Katema Bike Circuit told me about a family whose house was burnt down and they lost everything they had. The local chief gave them a small house where the family could stay but they had nothing—no clothes, food buckets for bathing or cooking pots. I had money that was designated for relief so I gave them some money to help the family. With the money I gave the staff, they were able to buy the green buckets for bathing, blankets for sleeping and a grass mat for sleeping on, laundry soap, notebooks, pencils and pens for the kids school, cooking pots and even maize for food! The family was very thankful. This is a family living in a very Muslim area and they have seen Christians come to their aid! Thank God for the funds that we had to help this family and pray that God would use this opportunity to share the Gospel with this family and many others in the community!”

Thank you for partnering with us as we expand God’s kingdom for His glory!

In Christ,

The Chaffee’s


  • Praise for our new supporters!
  • Praise for David as he received satisfactory progress -throughout three out of four areas on his educational -progress report. His report even included satisfactory -progress in the area of social or emotional behavior!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for continued support of Teen Missions and our -family.
  • Pray for Rebekah and David to have increasing desires -to learn throughout the remainder of the school year.
  • Pray for David to continue progressing in independent -functioning – the one area out of four on his educational -progress report where he hasn’t reached satisfactory -yet.
  • Pray for our health and safety in all we do.
  • Pray for Christi and I to balance and prioritize everything -we are involved with.
  • Pray for me as I experience occasional pain in my teeth. -I will hopefully have dental work done soon which should -alleviate a lot of the pain in my mouth.
  • Pray for Christi as she is home-schooling Rebekah this -school year and that they would finish the school year -out strong.

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