Amanda Evans Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Hey Family & Friends,

Summer is coming! The team members will be here very soon. Big Tops are up! We are getting ready for the Teen Missions 5K Mud Run on May 4th.  Pray with us that this fundraiser will be successful and that we will be a blessing to all who come.  It’s starting to get more busy around here both outside and inside the office.  I continue to work with the mailings and assisting with getting ready for Boot Camp by going  outside to work several days a week.  

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering with Teen Missions is a unique way to participate in the work of the Lord.

Teen Missions’ volunteers have the experience of working and fellowshipping with Christian believers from all across the globe. You will find it a joy and a privilege to serve with a ministry whose sole focus is to see the Gospel of Christ spread to teenagers and others in need of salvation. Throughout your time here, you will have the opportunity to pray for, encourage and work alongside youth from across America.

Summer volunteers work during the Lord’s Boot Camp and help with setting up, running and taking down; everything involved with Boot Camp. We need volunteers to help with classes, work in the Care Station or be a part of our kitchen crew!

Teach Them Diligently

Teen Missions has been given the opportunity to minister to children and youth with the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conferences this year.  Volunteers were needed to help with the teen and children’s ministry at the conference.  For two days some of our staff and students were able to share the love of Christ with children, ages 4-12, whose parents were attending the conference. Our participation in this program allowed us to use our evangelism skills with kids at the conference, as well as provided Teen Missions with the unique opportunity of sharing with the homeschool families about the many summer ministry opportunities available to their youth.  I had the privilege of helping at two of these conferences, in Rogers, AR and Waco, TX. I had a great time working with the children and yes, I did visit Magnolia Farms!

Malawi Update

An update from Seth, our coordinator in Malawi:

During Refresher, our staff at Katema Bike Circuit told me about a family whose house burned down and they lost everything they had. The local chief gave them a small house where the family could stay but they had nothing—no clothes, food buckets for bathing or cooking pots. I had money that was designated for relief so I gave them some money to help the family. With the money I gave, the staff were able to buy the green buckets for bathing, blankets for sleeping and a grass mat for sleeping on, laundry detergent, notebooks, pencils and pens for the kids’ school, cooking pots and even maize for food! The family was very thankful. This is a family living in a very Muslim area and they have seen Christians come to their aid! Thank God for the funds that we had to help this family. Pray that God would use this opportunity to share the Gospel with this family and many others in the community! 

Summer Plans

I am still excited to be a leader on the Florida Preteen Team and look forward to meeting my team.  Pray we have a summer filled with good experiences, that the kids remain healthy and that each person on the team would grow spiritually.  


I plan to do deputation in the fall. If you would like me to visit you or your church, please Facebook message me or email me.  

Thank You!

I am so grateful for your faithful support and prayers.  Thank you so much for supporting me in this ministry.  

Amanda Evans

Hebrews 13:5,6

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