Robert & Dorah Yoder Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings to you all in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We trust and pray that you are all doing great by God’s grace.

BMW Update

We are doing well and a bit busy with the Bible Missionary Work Training Center (BMW) here in South Africa. We started with 10 students but two have withdrawn along the way. We will be finishing our first term with eight students, God willing. We will be closing the school the week of Easter holidays and we pray the students can get some rest and they will come back.

Zimbabwe Trip

God is faithful and we thank Him for the opportunity that He has given us to serve Him in South Africa. This is an exciting place with a lot of ministry opportunities. In January and February, I (Robert) had a trip to Zimbabwe to take the base some food supplies and visit with the staff and students there. I went with my Zimbabwean friend, Erick. The trip went well, though there was a bit of corruption at the border. Once we were inside Zimbabwe, we discovered that the prices for food were almost double and sometimes triple what we pay for it in South Africa. One gallon of gas cost almost $13! So life is not easy for our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe. It was wonderful to get to go there and encourage them. It is also a dream come true for me as I used to sit across the desk and listen to Mr. Petersen tell stories about his time in Zimbabwe when we were living in Zambia. 

Plumbing Problems

February we found ourselves busy with fixing toilets and all manner of plumbing problems, not to mention we had a lightning strike that took out our printer and a pump for one of our boreholes. Through it all we have learned to lean on Christ. I am learning plumbing real well. 

Dorah Update

Dorah is the mother to us all here at the base. She is enjoying teaching in the BMW—this term she is teaching Spiritual Life. She is also busy running the kitchen and many days she is the one that prepares the lunch for the students. She also buys the food they eat. She does a great job as she also keeps her children and husband well fed and the house clean.

Esther Update

Esther is in grade 3 and this year she is attending a Christian school that is about four miles from the South African Base. She is adjusting well and learning her third language, Afrikaans. She is making some good friends. She is also learning to swim.

Ethan Update

Ethan is in Grade 1 and is learning to read. He is also going to the same school as Esther. He loves to ride his bike and swimming. At school he is making lots of new friends and he is also learning Afrikaans. 

Elisha Update

Elisha is doing well though he is still in diapers. He is ever active and goes everywhere with me, which is why I  really want him to stop using diapers. He is growing fast and always puts a smile on our face.

New Staff!

We also have two single male staffers that work with us, Kwame Asare from Ghana and Peter Putsoenyane from South Africa. They are both working in the Sunday School Circuits.

Thank You!

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and financial support. We pray that God will bless you and keep you and that His light will shine upon you.

Love in Christ

Robert, Dorah, Esther, Ethan, Elisha. Yoder

Is 41:10

Prayer Requests

-Most of our students grew up in abusive homes and they are having anger issues and they tend to argue among themselves quite a bit. Please pray for them that God would deliver them. And also pray for us as we counsel them. This is a new area for us and we are learning to lean on God and His Word for help.

-Also the students tend to get discouraged easily and are ready to quit. Please pray that they would look to God for strength. And also us that God would give us words to encourage them.

Pray for Ethan we will be applying for his U.S. passport, then after that he will need a new South African visa that is due in June.

Please pray for South Africa as they are going to the polls on the 8th of May for Presidential elections.

-Please pray for peace here in South Africa

-Please pray for our health and family life.

-Please pray for more trustworthy staff here in South Africa.

-Please pray for more open doors for us all over SA and the country around.

-Please pray for the Boot Camp that is coming up in Dec.

-Please pray for God’s provision as we serve here in South Africa.

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