Todd & Rosemary MacPherson Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Dear Family and Friends,

We live in Outlook, Saskatchewan and this year’s winter was cold. So, when spring came early, we all rejoiced! 

Promotion Season

But I suppose I should backtrack to the events of this year. During this winter, promotion season started – which means: three homeschool conferences (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), Mission Fest Vancouver, an Alberta mission conference, and one missions night at a church—all in four  months. At the end of February, Todd lost his partner in the office during this season, as Linda Evans left for the US. We were sad to see her go, but know she is needed elsewhere. This promotion season was exhausting and Todd came home from this last trip with an awful headache and couldn’t sleep well for at least four days. So please pray for Todd as he recovers and gets ready for the summer. 

Canada Base Plans

Before you hear from us again, we hope to have an adult work team come up to work at Camp Outlook and a teen team come over the summer. The goal right now is to have a Boot Camp here in 2020, and Todd is just one person. So these teams coming up are vital to making a Boot Camp happen so quickly. It’s exciting to be one more step closer to making it easier for Canadian teens to go on summer mission trips with Teen Missions.

Zambia Testimony

Canada and the US are not the only places that have Boot Camps. In fact at one conference, Todd was encouraged when he was able to talk to a Zambian who went to the Zambia Boot Camp with Teen Missions. Many of the African bases have Boot Camps. I thought you would find this partial report from Zambia encouraging:

“Reporting on Boot Camp. Coordinator, Oscar Chama.

We have 16 Leaders and 117 team members on four teams. We have picked up the team members for Boot Camp and we have a full Boot Camp. I think we have 41 extra people who are not budgeted for. We are believing God to help us feed them all with the budget we have. It is hard but it is the only way for us to accommodate all the Rescue Units and other programs. A few years back we went to our Ngosa Rescue Unit to pick up the kids for Boot Camp. We had given them the number of kids we wanted from that unit; when we got there, they had one extra kid. This kid was promised that she could go to the following year’s Boot Camp, but she refused. She kept on crying and we decided to take her in and she was happy. During Boot Camp she gave her life to Christ and was genuinely growing in her new walk with the Lord. Boot Camp ended and we took them back home and two days later she died. We asked ourselves what if we had said no to her request, she would probably have died without knowing the Lord. From that day onward I ask the Lord for His provisions whenever we encounter similar situations. So this year was the same and we decided to take them in. The Lord has been faithful and so far it looks like we will make it just fine with what we have…“

Praise the Lord! I find this so amazing and I’m grateful to God for the wisdom and provision he has given to the Zambia base.

Children Update

On the home front, which seems mundane after hearing about Zambia, I asked you to pray for Phillip. We were told he may get his appointment to have some surgery to release his ear that was partially fused to the side of his head when he was burnt by the rice cooker in January, 2017. Well, continue to pray as we do not know when that will take place, they said March–April and we have not heard from them, so we wait. Homeschooling is going well with Shemar. Kara had her 5th birthday in February and Timothy is a one year old and walking. They really do grow fast. 

Just in the last little bit I have been pleasantly surprised that my kids are now having conversations with their grandparents. If you would like to hear my children’s buddy conversational skills (you MAY get a hi), we are planning a trip through the west coast in August. Message us on Facebook (ToddandRosemary MacPherson) or e-mail us at [email protected] would love to see if we can make a visit to see you. Until then, I hope you enjoy spring!

In Christ,

~Todd & Rosemary MacPherson

+Shemar, Kara, Phillip, Timothy

2 Cor. 12:9-10

Prayer Requests:

– Rest and recovery for Todd.

– Phillip’s surgery to be scheduled at a good time and for a safe surgery and recovery

– Stamina in homeschooling, just two more months.

– For the groups coming up to work on Camp Outlook

– For those that attended the Zambia Boot Camp


– The ability to share about Teen Missions at conferences.

– For the progress in having a Boot Camp in Canada

– The provision given to the Zambia base for more to come to their Boot Camp

– For healthy, happy and growing children

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