Bob & Paula Yost Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Dear Family and Friends,

It’s hard to believe that our team will be here in about a month and a half. Where does the time go? Time seems to go much faster than it ought to, but we know that God is in control and He will direct us in the way we should go if we will only listen to Him. In my Monday night Bible study, we’ve been learning about Solomon. God not only blessed him with the wisdom he asked for when he became king, but also gave him the things he did not ask for: riches, peace and the extension of his kingdom. But like a lot of us, who when things are going well, we forget to stay in touch with God. God provided wisdom for Solomon, but over time he forgot to give God the credit and obey His commandments. How often do we do the same things? Praise God that He is merciful and forgiving and longs to have us back. May we be more like David, who sinned but always repented and returned to God.

Summer Team

Enough philosophizing—we are still on our way to Zambia this summer with a small team of ten preteens plus two other leaders. We are excited about our team and the things we will learn together this summer. Getting to see another Teen Missions base and meeting some of the staff who have just been names whom we’ve prayed for over the years, will be a blessing. Getting reacquainted with those we’ve met when they visited the Florida headquarters will be great, too. We are also looking forward to seeing Doug and Barb Petersen, the base coordinators. God has blessed their ministry in Zambia over the years. The Ndola base is a busy place overseeing a Bible school, 16 Rescue Units, two Matron Units,  68 Sunday schools and four Overseas Boot Camps that are run in different parts of Zambia. Recently they have added another Bible school near Mansa, a largely unreached area in the northeast part of the country and are working on adding Sunday schools along Lake Mweru. God is busy in this part of the world and our team will get to see some of it.

Our project is to pour sidewalks at the main base. During the rainy season, it can get pretty wet and muddy. It will be nice to be able to walk from one place to the other without adding pounds of mud to your shoes. We did the same kind of project in Honduras in 1997—the mud there was very slippery, so sidewalks helped save people from slipping in the mud. We will be there in the dry season, so we won’t get the full effect! Our team will also do other projects on the base—we’ll let you know what they are in our fall letter. In addition to our work project, we hope to go to a Rescue Unit so our team can minister to the kids there. Most likely we will do a presentation with singing, puppets, testimonies and a skit. Then our team will get to play with the kids at the unit and share pictures. 

It will be winter time in Zambia, which is in the southern hemisphere, so we are looking forward to cooler weather and hope that our sleeping bags are warm enough at night. We covet your prayers for safety in travel, a healthy unified team and opportunities to share the love of Jesus with others.

Mud Run

Meanwhile back at Teen Missions headquarters in Florida, we are getting ready for the 4th annual Mud Run. Why people want to run an obstacle course is a mystery to me, but adding mud to the mix makes it more strange! Even so, we are expecting around 600 runners. The funds raised from the Mud Run will help us get some extra things in our overseas bases and Sunday schools. Extras might mean being able to buy more medical supplies or getting more children into school by helping with school fees and uniforms. A big plus for having the Mud Run (May 4 this year) is that it helps us get ready for our upcoming Florida Boot Camps. Big Top tents are up and the Obstacle Course is set up. Some of our regular Obstacle Course is used for the Mud Run. 

Work Update

Bob continues to work with the literature for the US/Canadian Teams, as well as the Overseas Boot Camps. He was blessed this year with several volunteers to help with the collating of materials. He is also helping more with the Teen Missions Conference Center by taking phone calls, giving tours of the facilities and helping to get ready for the groups that come. I continue to work with the investment program. It keeps me busy. Soon we will start using a new program to process payments, so I will have a lot to learn—from the webinar we participated in, it looks like this program will cover many of the things that I have multiple charts for, so it should streamline the process once we get it all set up.

Home Update

On the home front, both Bob and I keep busy with church and home projects. Bob continues to sing in a couple of choirs and also plays in the Bell Choir at church, and there’s always something that needs doing in the yard. Besides my Monday night Bible study, I also facilitated  a five-week video series during Lent and was asked to teach a Sunday school class for women, which I’m enjoying and I think the ladies are, also. 

Thank You

We are thankful for you who have supported us with prayer and finances over the years. It means a lot to us to have your faithful support. We could not be serving the Lord through Teen Missions without you. Thank you.

Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost

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