Justin & Lindsey Casper Newsletter (Spring 2019)

Fun with the Chaffees at the zoo

Our Family and Friends In Christ, 

Hello again from sunny Florida!! It’s hard to believe that it’s time for another newsletter. Time continues to fly by living here. Before we know it, we’ll be back in Ohio and hopefully getting to see you!


Justin is continuing to work on the Land Crew. The first few months proved to be a little difficult, as he wasn’t used to the type of work. God continued to work through him, and teach him perseverance. He has learned so much in the time we’ve been here, and is getting used to all that the Land Crew entails. He works on his own for a good amount of the day. This has grown his prayer life greatly, and has proved to be such a blessing. 

I continue to go into the office once or twice a week. I have sent out many emails about ministry opportunities, made t-shirts, cleaned bathrooms, spent hours in the Prayer Closet, and the list goes on. I love my time in the office, but I am learning that my biggest ministry is in my home. I got the book, “The Lifegiving Table” by Sally Clarkson for Christmas. It has shown me how important and crucial the home really is, and how it can be used for ministry. I have been challenged to open up my home. 

I hold a playgroup three Fridays a month so that the young moms (myself included) can take turns going into the office to work, while the other moms watch all of the children. Once a week, a wonderful friend, Jessica Wiggins, comes over for dinner. She is a former Bible school student with Teen Missions, and she is currently raising support to move to Madagascar, where her fiance lives. Pray for them as they will be doing Teen Missions Sunday school missions together!

Teen Missions’ womans group


We recently became members of Trinity Community Church, a church located in Titusville, just north of where we live. We were drawn to this church for its sound biblical teaching, the realness of the people, and its love for missions. The kids are thoroughly enjoying the children’s ministry as well. They’re always so excited when they find out it’s Sunday! 

In March I, along with a few other Teen Missions staff, attended a missions support-raising conference in North Carolina. Justin stayed home with the kids during this time. I learned a lot, and we are using the knowledge to apply this to our ministry.

Kids being silly


We thank God that our kids are adjusting well to the move! They still get opportunities to help around the base, which they love! They are making new friends, and love the BMW students.

We are currently studying Daniel Boone in history. The kids are convinced they want to be “wild” too. I had the idea to start up a “wilderness” group, and enlist the help of a BMW student who loves the outdoors. Our first meeting is coming up in May. They are very excited! 

Continue to pray for us as the summer is getting close. We plan to stay on as summer staff here at the base in Florida. There are very few here in the summer so pray we all work together well and stay healthy. 

Noah helping daddy at Teen Missions Base

Thank You

We are so thankful for you!! Without your support, none of this would be possible! 

Serving Together, 

Justin, Lindsey, Noah, Levi, Rebecca, and Shiloh Casper

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