Boot Camp Report: Mindanao, Philippines

For the week of May 10 to May 14

There are 15 leaders and 82 team members on 4 teams. The teams are doing well in their fields. They made the most of their time left to continue spreading the Good News. The Bayugan team enthusiastically continued to share the Gospel. Butuan team did an open-air presentation in different communities after the DBVS. The Selco team finished six posts for the parsonage they are building. The Calayagon team continued digging for the water tank and cleaned the camp ground.

Wowie Maturan Ongcoy

Life testimony of Wowie Maturan Ongcoy
He is 20 years old. His life was in total darkness before he had met the Lord. He grew up in a broken family and used to live with his grandparents. In his young age he was engaged in vices, prohibited drugs and wrong peers which led him to do a serious crime. He did stealing and later on came to robbery and even engaged in a murder case. He did not expected to encounter God in his worst situation, but God used one person who persevered to pursue him and later on brought him to Christ. Now he is joyfully and faithfully serving God.

Decision for Christ this week : 286
Prayer Requests:
*safe travel for teams back in TMIP 
*order of debrief schedule 
*good health for everyone 
*peace and order of election 
* safe travel of campers going home
* order of BMW graduation 
*The debrief presentation, classes and schedule be in order
*BMW graduation become successful 

In Him, 
Fernando and Genelie Tan 
Isaiah 40:31

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