Zambia Lufwanyama Boot Camp

Reporting on Debrief

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

We want to thank God for all your prayers and support you rendered us before, during and after our 2019 Lufwanyama Boot Camp. As we look back we have seen God’s faithfulness and goodness in the lives of team members and leaders. What a joy it has been to see transformed young people at Debrief, ready to go home and be the light of the world in their dark communities. God has worked through your prayers to change our lives for His glory. 

We had a great Debrief and it was sad to let the kids go, but we know that we have planted ambassadors of Christ in many communities and the message of the cross will be spread. As I reported in the past that we were 41 over our limit and trusted the Lord to carry us through. We want to thank God that He took us through and we had just enough to the end. It felt at times like we were going to run short, but we made it and are so grateful to the Lord. The challenge was not only on food although it was the most important, but also the t-shirts were not enough to give one to every kid and leader, so we decided that we will not issue them out. During the project time my wife kept on searching and she discovered that we had a few more, when we counted we had 111. This enabled us to issue the t-shirts to the team members only. This was a big Praise the LORD for us. 

Debrief ended on Friday and some of the kids were taken home on Friday while a huge number was taken on Saturday the 11 of May 2019. As I write we packed up and are back in Ndola at the main base. Thank you for your support and prayers. We pray the Lord’s blessings on you and all the staff at the headquarters. Hope the happenings in the ministry here has been an encouragement to you and the staff. Here are few photos we were unable to send in the last report. God bless you as you continue to serve.

In Christ service Oscar Chama.

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