The Kenya Team Is Meshing Together

We’re thanking Jesus for the safe arrival of our entire team! All team members were able to get registered and settled into their tents in plenty of time yesterday. In the words of our very first arrival, Kenai A., “Everything was FANTASTIC!”.  Maybe not all of the kids shared his level of enthusiasm, but when sharing our high points of the day together, they all agreed that finally meeting each other was pretty great.
Some of the things our team members had to adjust to on day one was:
1.) The HOT weather: Several team members went through three water bottles full within the first hour of arriving because of the wonderful humidity of Florida! 
2.) Counting off: Each team member is assigned a number that they are responsible for calling out in a timely fashion when a leader calls out, “Count off!”. This was definitely harder for some than others. Claire J. had a prayer request that night asking the Lord to help us remember our numbers! 🙂 I’m sure that they will be professionals in no time.
3.) Organization: Water bottles, hard hats and rain ponchos are a few of the things the team members need to have on them at all times. Leaving any of these things behind can result in a deduction of points towards getting the Clean Award. After supper, the leaders found a few water bottles laying around. Resounding, “Ohs!” echoed through the team as they collected their bottles.
Though there is a lot to learn the first few days of Boot Camp, our team is doing an outstanding job of acclimating and retaining all the information that is given to them. All of the leaders have been impressed with our team members attitudes and ability to befriend each other. Without any encouragement, I looked over and saw Elizabeth G. leading the team in a fun ice-breaker game. Several other returning team members have arisen as leaders amongst their peers as well. It is such a joy to witness them meshing so well so early on!
All praises and glory to God from the Kenya team!

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