Boot Camp Is Finally Here!

Boot Camp is finally here! Everyone on our team had arrived safely yesterday before dinner. All the team members arrived with good attitudes and were ready to get settled in. The team has started to get to know each other a little bit in the past few hours. We were asked to help serve dinner and everyone was ready and willing to jump right in to serving the rest of Boot Camp. Today is Orientation Day so the team will be learning the ins and outs of Boot Camp and what is expected of them. Then tomorrow we will jump into the normal schedule of Boot Camp and get into the groove of the summer.
These first couple of days have been surprisingly great. Everyone made it safely and settling in was smooth. Thus far, the team has been getting along just swimmingly and I’m excited to grow alongside them even more. This summer is gonna be a good one. -Kyrie T.
It’s the first day of Boot Camp! I am so excited for what the Lord has planned for this years’ Boot Camp! As the teams are getting to know each other, I encourage you to pray for unity and strength. -Abigail D.
Cambodia & Malawi

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