Hello From Boot Camp!

The Fiji Team has arrived. All 22 team members are doing well and adjusting to the surprising heat and humidity. We praise God that Registration Day was dry. However, it was still the normal Florida heat and humidity and team members from the north were quite shocked at how hot the next two weeks will be. But after hours under the Big Top tent, the whole team was adjusting to the heat as well as meeting 22 complete strangers. Even though it has been a couple of days, the kids have already started to make good friends on the team. One team member, Emma Cook, was very excited to find another twin on the team. Registration Day ended with rally and a great message from our Assistant Director of Teen Missions, Steve Petersen. After rally the kids headed to their tents for the first night of sleeping at Boot Camp, and because of the sunny weather, the Fiji tent sight was almost dry. Today the kids woke up before the crack of dawn at 5:30 sharp and welcomed the coming Orientation Day. We had a lovely breakfast of biscuits and gravy, orange slices, red kool-aid, and other delicious food. All the kids love the food they serve at Boot Camp. One team member, Simon V., loved the food so much that he wanted seconds. So far, we are halfway through Orientation Day, and at this moment the team will be running their first Obstacle Course run. Everyone is a little nervous but the former team members on the team are easing their fears by telling them what to expect. Everyone is excited to see what the Lord has in store this summer and what He will do through the team in Fiji. 

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