Orientation For The Ecuador Team

Hello from sunny Florida! The Ecuador team is all here and doing well! We as a leadership are very thankful to have all 25 of them here. Yesterday was our Registration Day, this means we got all the kids ready for Boot Camp. Last night after the Rally, which was taught by the assistant director of Teen Missions, Steve Petersen, we had time of prayer together as a team. It was nice to have this quiet time together after the busy day we had. After praying together and visiting the bathrooms, we headed off to our tents. We allowed the kids some time to organize their things before they went to sleep at 9:30. 
This morning we woke up at the nice and early time of 5:30. After visiting the bathroom, we had breakfast. Today is our orientation and the kids are taking classes to learn all they can about Boot Camp. As I’m writing this, the team is getting ready to run the Obstacle Course. After the OC our team will serve Kitchen Patrol (this is where they help serve food, clean dishes, and more) for both lunch and dinner. So far all the kids seem to be doing well and getting acclimated to the weather. It has been sunny so far, with overcast weather every now and then. We haven’t had any rain yet, which has been nice. After today we start our training schedule, which we are looking forward to. Thanks for all of your prayers and support! 
“Boot Camp has been fun so far! I’ve loved getting to be with my team members and learning how to love them. It’s fun to unplug from the rest of the world and focus solely on God and His plan and purpose.” Faith B.
“This has been both a challenging and rewarding experience. God has been helping me to grow in many new ways!” Isaiah B.

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