The Madagascar Team Made It To Boot Camp

We praise the Lord that everyone has made it here at the Lord’s Boot Camp safe and sound. We have bunch of FTMs ( former team members), so that is really helping a lot. Most of them know already what they are suppose to do. Everyone is so excited about this trip. Of course, we have to do the training first, and they all look so ready for it. It’s hot and sweaty here; we all knew that, so no one complains about that. Everyone is getting along really well already. I myself,  Live Rakotomalala as their male head leader, am from Madagascar so that makes our team even more excited, I live in Madagascar at the base of Teen Missions in Mahajanga, where our team is going to stay. Today we all did the orientation classes; the actual training is starting tomorrow. Our lady head leader, Linda Evans, has led three times with me now and we have always had a great time together. Then we have Kathryn and Ben as our back-up leaders and they are so ready for this also. We really praise God with this team. We had our first rally last night. Steve Petersen, one of the TMI staff, was speaking about hope. It was a great message! 
Thank you for sending your children on this awesome  team and please continue to pray daily for this team. Next report I will be able to tell more about some individuals. They just arrived yesterday but all of them seem to be a great and fun bunch, so definitely we are going to have great time with this team. 


  1. I love love love hearing this from our Madagascar team leader as it’s hard to ‘blindly’ entrust your kids to another ‘parent.’ Thank you Live for writing these encouraging words! Praying for you all daily!

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