The Pictures Have Become Reality

The pictures we have all been looking at over the last few months have finally become a reality: real teammates to actually talk to and laugh with!!! 

You will be pleased to know that our team has settled in and is adjusting to their “new normal” at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Besides becoming acquainted with each other, today we are becoming familiar with how things work at Teen Missions. Prowl about the Teen Missions website and social media accounts for pictures of our team running the Obstacle Course because we are running it for the first time this morning! We will also attend several other Orientation classes today that will help us learn how to thrive here at Boot Camp. The busy schedule, bathing in buckets, living in tents, and just being away from home is a culture shock for some. All are welcoming the challenge in their way though. Our prayer is that each one will increase in faith and draw closer to God every day because of and despite the difficult nature of Boot Camp. 

Although our team is still adjusting to the long days and packed schedule, we as leaders are confident that we will be equipped physically, mentally, and spiritually when we are commissioned in two weeks to serve the Lord in the Holy Land. We have been blessed with a compassionate, respectful, and motivated team and we thank you for sending your sons and daughters, your most precious earthly treasures, into our care for the summer. Hopefully, you will get some quick peeks of your children during the Boot Camp rallies that are broadcasted live each night. 
Postcards have been written by each team mate (unless they were driven to Boot Camp), so be on the lookout for those in your mailboxes!!!

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