The Kenya Team Does Not Like The Bugs

Three days of training are already behind us! Wow! So far, our team has learned to dig a straight trench, mix concrete by hand, perform dramas, perform with puppets, and sing together as a group. We have several more classes to look forward to within the coming days that will continue to add helpful tools to our missionary belts. 

Each morning around 6:10 AM, the team runs the Obstacle Course. At the very end, they come to a 12 ft wall in which they have to get as many people over as they can in an allotted amount of time. We accomplished a personal record today and got nine people over the Wall! Every one was in high spirits after that, which is a rare attitude to find after running and working hard so early in the morning. 
After classes, the team eats supper and enjoys free time before evening rally. They have repeatedly shared that hanging out as a team during their free time is a daily highlight. Girls braid each others hair, boys tell jokes, and they all share stories and laughter together. 
Gabby H.-I am learning how to find my identity in Christ because only in Christ can we truly live fruitful lives. My purpose is to allow Christ to work through me. God has a plan for me, I just do not know what it is or understand it yet. To let him work His plan for me, I need to give him my full self and go all in on God’s team.
Vienna G.- I am really enjoying all of the new experiences here at Boot Camp (except maybe the bugs—they AREN”T the best). I have made great connections and our team seems to get along so well together. The OC (Obstacle Course) rocks, but the Wall…not so much. I am having an overall awesome time! Love and hugs to my family!
Emma F.- Boot Camp is hard, hot, and has lots of bugs, but I am getting used to it. Kenya team is the best and it has become our little family. I am ready to get on the field.
Liam B.- Boot Camp has been difficult, but I am getting through it. My favorite parts are the classes and the rallies at night. I love fellowshipping with the team and getting to know them.
Please continue to pray for the Kenya team as we grow closer together and closer to Christ as well!

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