The Madagascar Team is Rocking The OC

We praise the Lord as we are now in our third day of training. The Lord has been so faithful and proving again and again that He is answering our prayers. The most important for our team is safety as we do the motorcycle training. 
All of our team members are now comfortable with riding, the past two days were kind of panicking for those who have never rode before, but the next day they just got it. Joe Vile is the one helping our team in the motorcycle training and he has done this for many years. Yesterday we learned how to shift gear. Some of the bikes are kick start so  usually  few got stuck  trying to kick start their bikes until the leaders rescue them. Eventually they will get there as they get used to do that. By now all of them know what to check before you got on the bike, start their bike, go and shift gear. 
On the Obstacle Courses, they are really working together and our team did amazing job today. They arrived so early on the Wall this morning. I guess they got to skip  some of the obstacles because they did good in count off.  Eleven went over that Wall with no DQ (disqualification). They are really bounding and the training here helps everyone to bound quickly. 
Lexi: “Boot Camp has been so fun and so hard! At first I was really struggling , but after going through the Obstacle Course a couple of times, it’s getting easier. I love my team. We are bonding more and more. It is so exciting to work as a team and get to know everyone. Being completely dependent on God has been the best experience of my life. I am missing my family and friends, but I am having so much fun!”
Sage: “When I first came to Boot Camp I thought I knew what to expect. I was very very wrong. Since it is a few days in , I have learned more about the Bible than I have known. It is a lot hotter here than I expected, but also a lot more fun and uplifting than most people would think. I have been going through the experience of learning about myself and who I am through God. Boot Camp is tough but I know that my team and I can get through it with excellence. We all have a long way to go, but I am excited to grow closer to my team members and leaders on the the way.”
Austin:-“BootCamp is a massive trial, but it’s something that teaches you to really rely on God, whether for sleep, keeping the rash away, energy or anything else. Praying always is the best option! That is something I never took too seriously but now I know how important prayer is!”
Really appreciate you continue to pray for us. Everyone is in good health and we want to remain healthy, physically and spiritually. 


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