They Are Acclimating To Boot Camp

The initial culture shock of Boot Camp is wearing off I think. The heat, humidity, mosquitoes, and very structured lifestyle all seem like second nature to most of us now. The initial awkwardness of being in a group of complete strangers has worn off. Everyone knows each others’ names, meaningful connections have been made, and genuine friendships have formed in the few days we have been together.  
Today is the third day of training. I like to think that the team’s favorite class is Drama since that is the class that I teach. Whether it is for some and not for others, I am very impressed with the willingness of everyone to give it their all, even if performing arts is way outside of their comfort zone! I actually find this to be true in general about our team. They have an eagerness about them that makes them want to try and to keep trying even if what they are being asked to do is hard. Their positive attitudes make my job easy! Hopefully, you guys are catching glimpses of this in the pictures and videos Teen Missions post as well as during the live-streamed rallies each night.
Please keep praying for us! Although we all love our team mates and are learning to be content with the Boot Camp way of life, some of us are struggling with homesickness. I tell each teammate that I pray with that I love that they have such a loving family at home to miss so much, but they don’t want to miss what the Lord is doing here and now either by allowing those feelings to overwhelm them and cause them to become discouraged. One even acknowledged this truth to me by replying, “If I can’t learn to sleep away from my own house, then I will have to live with my parents my whole life!” (A great example of what I talked about earlier of how willing they are to try and to hang in there even when things are tough!) Would you also pray about our feet?  It is hard to keep them dry when Boot Camp is so wet!


  1. Can we leave messages here to be given to our kids. I’m not well which was a big concern for my daughter. If she could hear occasionally that I’m doing great it would relieve a lot of her anxiety.

    1. Becca, The team members do not have access to internet, so they will not see the messages. You can email her here at Boot Camp. Please see your Individual Team Fact Sheet for address.

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