Fiji Team Is Finally In The Groove

Hello from the Lord’s Boot Camp! 
It has already been a few days and the Fiji team is already getting into the groove of things. Every morning we wake up at 5:30 and head out to start the day with the Obstacle Course. At first it was a little overwhelming but every day the team gets better and better. I constantly see our teammates encouraging one another and helping each other across the Slough and over the Wall. Yesterday we got nine people over the Wall and won second place in the entire Boot Camp for the Obstacle Course. As the week has got on, we have started our classes. We always start the day with an hour of block-laying and then another hour of a construction class. At first the team was a little overwhelmed with block-laying and understanding the right technique to lay the blocks, but after a couple of days they are starting to get the hang of the class. After lunch the team has a music class and puppets where they learn the amazing techniques of how to share the Gospel through music and drama. The second day of puppets, the team was taught the dance moves to the puppet songs and they were dancing around being silly and having fun. Also, we were blessed with cleaning the Boot Camp bathrooms for the entire Boot Camp and even though it was a very dirty job and overwhelming, the team worked together and communicated well and we cleaned the bathroom in half an hour, which gave us more time to swim in the pool as a reward for cleaning the bathroom. Pool time was everyones favorite time of the day because the water was nice and cool and we had a fun time playing pool games. However, everyone forgot about the sun and we all now have a nice pinkish hue to our faces. Everyone is looking forward to the weekend and having a nice day of rest on Sunday. Lastly, we have some team members thoughts on Boot Camp and how they are adjusting to the summer. 
“Boot Camp is just fine, much better than i expected its not as bad as i was expecting. Don’t worry about me I’m doing great.” G. Nation 
“I’m having the time of my life. I can already tell that I am growing spiritually. I love all the hard work and the food is great!” Penelope
“Boot Camp is tough, rough, hard, and fun. The exercise, love, team bonding and trust is great!” Maggie 
“Boot camp is crazy during the O.C. Breakfast is delicious and fast. I’m tired” Andrew L.
“Hi Family! Boot Camp is very wet and very different from what I thought is was. I am very tired and I miss you all” Leah F.
Fiji Team

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