Motorcycle Training Is a Favorite

We are in full swing here at Boot Camp now. The team has started to bond with one another. Earlier this week, we won the clean award! For this award we no longer get the pool like teams have in years past. Instead, we now are given the opportunity to sit in what we call the training kitchen and also get ice cream for dessert. The team was really excited about getting something cold while at Boot Camp.Our motorcycle classes have also started. The team was pumped to start getting on the bikes on Monday. Every one has been able to get bikes started at least once. Some people are learning slower than others but everyone is doing well while learning. We have also been taking music class and puppets. The team sounds really well together while singing. We even have people that brought a guitar and ukulele. Having musical instruments really helps with the team’s sound, especially when our team is so small. The team is doing great and is excited for the rest of the summer.
Boot Camp today is surprisingly fun. My favorite class of the day is when we ride the motorcycles. I didn’t ever expect to ever come back to Boot Camp, but I feel like its a great place to be, even though it’s very humid and hard.
Boot Camp is going well. Our team is learning a lot and motorcycle training is awesome.

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