Thailand Also Like Ice Cream

What an exciting few days we had! The first day we received the Clean Award and were able to eat at tables (not in our eating site on benches), and received an ice cold treat (popsicle or ice cream sandwich). We came in second the next day. What a way to start off Boot Camp! After the OC, devotions and morning classes, we have block laying, painting, carpentry, steel tying, puppets and music. We are looking forward to being able to use all of these skills when we get to Thailand. It’s Wednesday already! We are coming together as a team and really look out for each other. Every day we get a little better on the Obstacle Course and working together, getting more people over the Wall. We are thankful for all the prayers going up for our team. We are also thankful for all the volunteers who are working to keep Boot Camp running and keeping us fed!
Love being back at Boot Camp! The food is even better than I remembered. Liking the camp improvements! Love and miss you mom and Dad.   Sami G

The days are going by faster than I thought they would and I’m having a good time. The food is pretty good, but it rains a lot. Bethany B

It is the fourth day of Boot Camp and we are all very sweaty. The obstacle course is hard but fun. My team is getting better at it. I am really enjoying all the classes. I am learning a lot. Nellie B

Boot Camp is good. The OC is great! It is really helping our team to come together. Abby B

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