The Uganda Team Has Bonded

Greetings from Boot Camp!
Our team has bonded so quickly and the Lord has been doing powerful things throughout each day. Each morning the kids wake up at 5:30 and race to get ready in five minutes, walking swiftly to the bathroom to beat the crowds of all the other teams. Running the Obstacle Course is first on the agenda then breakfast, morning devotions and onto Bible classes. The past few days our team has had Prayer Closet and almost every team member has had the opportunity to sit and pray for each team going out this summer. I can’t believe we are so close to being done with Week One! We then move onto free time and bath and laundry which leads us right into lunch and team prayer. We have been specifically praying for our missionary, Nelson, in Uganda and for every visa to be processed quickly. Our afternoon is filled with construction classes, drama, music and puppets which are all tools we will be using on the field to share with others about Jesus. Our evening ends with a yummy meal prepared by the kitchen and then evening rally. Be sure to watch the livestream so you can see your kiddos 🙂 Please continue to pray for good health, endurance and perseverance for each team member and leader!
“It’s only day five at Boot Camp and God is already starting to move in my life. Through tremendous amounts of discipline, speed and persistence, I’ve learned that we suffer and should do everything for the glory of God. Whenever I’m discouraged, I simply remind myself that it is all for the greater purpose, for His glory and praise. Being here in isolation from the society back home makes Jesus’ voice clearer. I’ve earned to talk to Him all day long and I constantly get firm confirmation that He hears me.” Michelle W.
“I’m learning a lot about myself and my deeper issues here at Boot Camp. Doing tedious work, running the Obstacle Course, and suffering through the heat and bug bites has taught me to do everything for the Lord. I can’t wait for everything else God is going to reveal to me here and on the field.” Abigail K.

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  1. Hi, Uganda! Such an awesome update, so glad for all the news!

    Regarding the processing of visas…

    Are we talking about the e-Visas that the parents/team members had to apply for?

    1. I was missing the second page of visa Instructions and had to write Boot Camp, which promptly provided me the host name and number, length of stay, etc. (Except the instructions said “27 months” you need to change this to “27 days” or I imagine that could cause some problems lol!) If I hadn’t had that info, no telling how long it would have taken for the visa to be approved! Make sure the parents or team members applied using the correct and full information provided by Boot Camp!

    2. I discovered that you don’t get a notification in your e-mail when the visa is approved, so you can’t “wait” for the visas to appear in your e-mail, you have to actively check on the status. This requires the visa reference number, which was e-mailed to each applicant after they filled out their request. Once I checked on the status, it was immediately approved! The whole process from completion of application to me checking on the status/approval was three to four days.

    I don’t know if any of that helps, or if there are other things that are holding up the process! I will definitely be praying that the approval comes rapidly!

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