The Zambia Team Has Settled In

 The Zambia Preteen is doing well. Everyone settled in last night and said they slept well. Abbie loved hearing the owl talking to another owl at 5:20 this morning.  The team has orientation classes this morning along with running the OC.  Tamzin, Jaykob, Ellie, Mayah and Bekah all made it over the Slough. Elijah was the front flag and jumped for the ropes at the Slough, but didn’t quite make it. Cissie was the back flag and decided to jump for the ropes and didn’t make either. Both came out smiling. When there is some free time, Sadie loves to start a game of Nija. The team has already formed a strong bond and are getting along very well. This afternoon are more classes and then some free time. Tomorrow will start our first regular day of boot camp.


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