Hello from the Canada Leadership Team

The team is working hard and getting into then swing of Boot Camp training classes. It seems like team members are in 15 different places at the same time. They continue to serve joyfully and they are enjoying working alongside Boot Camp Staff and volunteers. A highlight for the team yesterday was the opportunity to help then Preteens run the OC.  Grace lead the group through the course while David encouraged the kids from behind. Sera, Elena and Claire helped the kids get across the Slough and then McKenzie and Peter helped lift then kids over the Wall. It was fun for everyone to participate in the OC in this way. Every night the team  enjoys relaxing at evening Rally. Today the team is working on putting together a fun team cheer for evening rally. We are looking forward to this weekend as we will be able to rest a bit on Sunday, although we anticipate helping with the preparations of the pizza and milkshake.  Thanks for your ongoing prayers for the team.  

Here are some testimonies from our team members:

So the last two weeks have been very wet, with a dry break, but then wet again. I have been learning a lot about leadership with my team and God has been working wonders out of it! I am so glad to be able to grow in my faith as Canada help lead Boot Camp!  – Caleb

This team has been interesting—it is very different from any other teams I’ve been on. It is fun. We get a feel of what leading is like. Although some days harder than others, each day is a ton of fun and has a new lesson.  – Kym

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