A Big Hello From The Kenya Team

Big hello from the Kenya team! We are over halfway through Boot Camp and the kids are beginning to be FULL of questions for what is to come in the next few days. A couple things we have heard are, “How will you keep cheese cold in Kenya?”, “What happens if we get lost?”, and my personal favorite, “Are we going to walk this fast the whole time in Kenya?”. Their excitement is contagious and has been keeping us all in great spirits as we look forward to our mission in Kenya! 
Most of our classes throughout the day are now evangelism classes. In one evangelism class, the teacher told them to ask him any question about the Bible that they want, and he will do his best to answer them using Scripture. This exercise was incredible to watch. All of the kids were rapidly taking notes, ready to take theses answers to life’s hard questions onto the mission field. The team is also working very hard to perfect their singing and drama skills. We will be taking some great performances with us to Kenya.
The great buzz today is that we will be blessed with a COLD MILKSHAKE and pizza tonight! After watching an entire movie last night (I Can Only Imagine), the kids almost feel like they’re on vacation with all of these treats….almost. The heat and mosquitos continue to bring us back to reality. Our team chant the other night at rally was to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me,” however, they changed the words to “Mosquitos love me this I know, for my bug bites tell me so.” Their creative and unified minds will work well for them this summer!
From the team:

Joe B.- Hey mom and dad! Boot Camp is going well so far aside from the heat and bug bites, but I’ll live. So far my favorite part is the Obstacle Course and the free time we get occasionally. I can’t wait to see you at Commissioning, mom.

Neylan J.- Boot Camp has been fun! There are a lot of hardships, but it is all worth it. Evening rallies have been AMAZING, and I love all the speakers. My favorite class is drama. I loved learning the two dramas and knowing we’ll be able to spread the Gospel through them.
Emily D.- Boot Camp is so much fun! The speakers this year are really great, and I have learned a lot from them. My favorite class has been the advanced evangelism class because I like to learn how to spread the Gospel. 

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