A Day In The Life…

A day in the life of the Holy Land team…

It is 5:30 AM when the Holy Land leaders wake up the team. The first person out of their tent is Eli. After a quick stop at the bathroom, we run the Obstacle Course. Spicer takes the front flag and leads the team through the course. Anica takes the back flag, cheering her teammates on and making sure that no one is left behind. Once the team gets to the Wall, Matthew helps lift his teammates up to Eaton’s reaching hands so that together they can help each teammate go over the Wall. Lydia and Jordan are always watching with their hands and eyes up, making sure that no one falls off the Wall. Next, we enjoy breakfast together before personal devotions at 7:30am.  Barrett always has meaningful and thoughtful comments and questions about what he has read during his quiet time with the Lord. After devotions, we worship the Lord with a song or two. Emily and Baylee sing with all their might to God. Two Bible classes fill the two hours that follow. Benjamin N. and Albert listen attentively…they are so eager to learn! Afterwards we travel to our construction classes. Benjamin D. really shines in these classes. Lunch is always at 12 noon. We definitely have some hungry and growing teenagers on this team! Right after lunch, we spend time together praying as a team. Selah and Nathan faithfully ask us to pray for their family every day. After prayer, we spend the next hour in Music class.  Mary Jane is our team’s music leader. Maggie also excels in music class with her beautiful voice. We have Drama class or Puppet class after music. Kenya is quite a talented performer. Our last two class periods of the day are free time and Bath and Laundry. Cheyenne loves swimming in the lake during free time.  inner is at 5:30pm every day. We then have an hour or so to hang out and relax before the evening rally. Krystal is very busy during this time braiding all of our hair! Cayla is also very busy during this time reading all the emails and letters she receives on a daily basis. Theo uses this time to write in his journal and to write the many letters he has posted already. Evening Rally starts at 7pm and ends at 8:30pm. Afterwards, we make a quick stop for water and at the bathroom before making the trek to our campsite where we are all in bed by 9:30pm.After a very busy, hard working day, by 9:33pm, we are sleeping soundly and dreaming of all the wonderful things to come tomorrow!  

“Boot Camp has been hard, but through it all I’ve had God and my team. Every day I get more used to Boot Camp and it gets easier. My team and leaders have helped so much when it comes to feeling down, whether it’s being sick or missing family. They’ve been there for me. Boot Camp is a trial but with God and people surrounding me that care, it gets a lot easier.” Lydia B.
“Boot Camp is technically half over and, honestly, Florida is awful! I see the importance of Boot camp though, so I guess it’s alright. I love my team and can’t wait to be in the Holy Land with them. This team is the best team that I could have asked for. Love you guys!”  Barrett N.
“Boot Camp is hard but so much fun! This team has become like family. We eat together, work together, pray together, and goof around together! Boot Camp is a blast! I’ve learned so much and I am glad that I came.”  Krystal S.
“Boot Camp has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. The worship is amazing and the people are friendly but most of all, the spirit of God is alive here! Our leaders are kind, stern, and fearless and our team gets along well. I hope to be back next year!”  Eli A.
“I am having a great time and I am very thankful for every person and the leaders. I miss my family so much but I know they are proud of me. The mosquitoes are so annoying. I made it over the Slough once! I love doing devotions because I get to read the Lord’s Word. The lake is very fun and refreshing. The one bad thing I hate is waking up early. I miss you mom and dad…love you!”  Cheyenne H.
“I really like Boot Camp. This is my seventh year and every year seems to be a little bit better. I really like the classes; drama and music are my favorites. The OC is a bit challenging, but overall, Boot Camp is fun! It has its ups and downs but I know that through the good or the bad, God is with me. Thank you to all of my supporters and friends that got me to where I am now.” Anica L.
“Boot Camp is incredible! I never thought anything could change my life as much as it has. I’ll be honest, when I first came I was scared. I’ve never been away from home so long and at the beginning, I struggled with homesickness. The speakers are all very good, but there was something everyone I talked to said. They all said the only way to survive Boot Camp is to go all in and to focus on God and not yourself. Finally, when I thought I might give up, I did just that.  I said “God although I don’t understand, I know you know what you’re doing and you have a plan with my best interests in mind. So even though I don’t understand right now, I’m just going to trust you, follow you, and let you use this summer to mold me into the man you want me to be.” Ever since I did that, Boot Camp has been so much fun, and more than ever, I love to pray and read the Bible. To the point that anytime I have free time, I spend it reading God’s Word. God has already changed my life so much, and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me over the rest of the summer.” Eaton H.
“Boot Camp is really hard. You have to be fast and everything you do and that is really hard! There are lots and lots of bugs. And you get homesick. But it does get easier and you start to learn the ropes of it all and learn to have fun with everything!” Cayla G.
“Boot Camp is OK. Not sure about it. I like legitimate showers and more than five minutes to get ready. I don’t like falling in the Slough. But other than the OC and getting up early, it’s great!” Baylee A.
“The beginning of Boot Camp has been testing and trying and such a change from my normal every day life. But it has opened up my eyes to the things that I take for granted. I am very excited to see the days go on and to continue to challenge myself physically and spiritually with every encounter that I face.” Emily A.
“It’s true: Teen Missions Boot Camp is hard. But it’s the good kind of hard in which you feel growth both physically and spiritually. There are so many opportunities to learn the Word of God here such as devotions, morning and evening sermons, classes, and fellowship with teammates.” Benjamin D.
“So far, Boot Camp has radically changed my life! A couple of nights ago, I rededicated my life to the Lord and have felt a wonderful change in my spiritual life. All the weight I have been caring around has been lifted and I feel so much more connected to God. I can’t wait for the rest of Boot Camp and the summer, to see what else He’s going to do in my life.” Kenya M.

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