Boot Camp Has Been Busy

Hello from Merritt Island, Florida! The Ecuador team is alive and well, and doing great! The team continues to grow each day and unify with one another. They has been doing well in their different training classes and learning more and more. The classes the team have been involved with are: block laying, carpentry, concrete, digging, painting, drama, music, and puppets. The kids have enjoyed learning the different work tasks and skills they will use in Ecuador. Some of them really enjoyed trying their hands at drama, and for some it just wasn’t their cup of tea. But, they still did their best. Yesterday, the team served their first SB (special blessing). This is something they receive when they need extra training in something. They weren’t very excited for it, but they did the work nonetheless. Today (Saturday) marks one week since the team members arrived! They have been doing a really good job! We as a leadership are proud of their progress. Tomorrow is Super Sunday! We have a Galilean Church service out by one of the back lakes tomorrow morning. After church, the kids will attend the Bible school graduation the Teen Missions Bible students are involved in. After that, they will do Bible verse quizzing, team time, Display Room tours, and team pictures. To finish it all off, we will have our famous Pizza and Milkshake! The kids are already so excited for it! Thank you for taking time to read this update and pray for our team! The kids are doing well and we are excited for the one week we have left of Boot Camp! 
“Boot Camp is definitely rough, but I am learning a lot through it. I am becoming a more open person, and learning how to serve others. I’m growing in Christ, and learning a lot of important tools that I’ll use later on in my life.” Darby 
“Boot Camp is going well for me. I really enjoy it. I’ve made some good friends. I’m working hard and getting to know my leaders. The Lord is blessing me a lot.” Johnny
“Boot Camp is much more enjoyable when you are prepared for it. I’m very excited to get to on the field!” Napoleon 
“Boot Camp is great. It’s muddy and hot, but still great. We’re all practically getting carried away by mosquitos and we smell like sweaty teenagers and bug spray, but it’s great. I’ve learned a lot about God and myself, and I hope to come again next year. TMI has its own sub-culture. It feels like my second home. I love it here.” Ella 

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