One Week Down

One week into Boot Camp, and the Malawi team is keeping up the high spirits they had from the beginning. As the team has gotten to know each other better, as they have prayed and worshipped together and as they have bonded over experiences together, the Lord has blessed us with a strong unity. Friendship has been the greatest antidote to homesickness. Physically, the kids have been healthy, with only a few blisters and splinters checked out daily. Over the course of the week, Malawi and Cambodia (Malbodia) have improved on the Obstacle Course to the point of winning first place on Saturday! They did this by lifting 17 team members over the Wall. This week the kids have been going through evangelism and construction classes that will be useful to our mission in Malawi. Spiritually, the Lord has been working in our team members through the Word and rally speakers. In our own team time, we have opened up to glimpses of each of their stories and how we can encourage one another to grow this summer. We are eager to see the Lord work in all that we do for the rest of Boot Camp in Malawi (soon!).

“Hello Facebook world! How are you? This is the closest I’ve gotten to social media in over a week! So far Boot Camp has been interesting‚Ķ I love my team and my leaders, but it’s a little hot and there’s a lot of bugs! I can’t wait to travel overseas and see where the Lord takes us this summer!” – Kayla A.
“Hello people of the civilized world! Boot Camp has made me tougher than I’ve been before. My team members are amazing. They are kind and supportive, and are now my friends. I can’t wait to go to Malawi with them!” – Ronan

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