A Different Kind Of Day

It has been over a week now since the team has been at Boot Camp and engaging in training for our service in Madagascar!

The team has excelled in their motorcycle training, and their confidence of their new skills are expanding every day. Saturday night the team participated in the sermon’s response of discussing with the team a sin that they are struggling with. By God’s grace, the team continues to grow and bond together. As expected, it is evident where the enemy is trying to distract the team away from supporting each other and we have been wise towards it through prayer and conversations. On Sunday, we were able to take a rest from our routine of running the Obstacle Course and training classes, and instead attended a sunrise service and switched up tent mates to further encourage getting to know more people on the team at a deeper level. The team is getting excited to try on their motorcycle jackets, finish up training, and depart for Madagascar!

Thank you to all who are praying for our team as we go into the final week of training! 

“Boot Camp has been very great! I have gotten closer to God and to my teammates. Learning to ride a motorcycle has been a blast!” – Noelle D. 

“Boot Camp is rough at first, but then it gets fun. Lots of opportunities to get closer to God and teammates.” -Lane 

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