A More Relaxed Day

The excitement builds as we are half way done with Boot Camp! We have three more days of training, then Missions Conference, taking down Boot Camp, then pack up and Commissioning! Today we are a little more relaxed in that we have more team time to get some things done. This morning started with a Galilean service by the lake at 6:15 AM, then the Bible school graduation was at 8:30 AM. We will be writing letters home, changing tents and doing verse review. This is also milkshake and giant pizza night! Preparations start at 2:30 PM to be ready for supper. Continue to pray for the team as we bond together and prepare for our ministry in Thailand. Pray for dry weather for packing up Friday and Saturday! We are thankful for each one that the Lord has placed on this team. 

 Love and miss you guys at home! I’m having lots of fun at Boot Camp! I’ve only fallen in the Slough once and I’ve been over the Wall three times! Ellie L.

 Hallo! As of today we have one week left in Boot Camp. This past week has gone by surprisingly well. We work hard but it is good work. I am very excited to head out to the field and see new lands. Love y’all lots and hope Dad’s trip went well! Anna L. 

Boot Camp is not as hard as the past team members made it out to be when I first talked to them on the arrival day. Of course the humidity here, mosquitos, tight schedule and a lack of showers are pretty bad but you get used to it! Eli B 

Hi. I am having fun. It has been hot with a breeze and then hot without! Miss you all. Mikaela C.

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