Counting Down The Days

Hello from the Lord’s Boot Camp-

The Canada team is continuing to press on while serving at Boot Camp. They are beginning to count down the days until we leave for Canada (one week from today). Everyone is still enjoying their assigned afternoon jobs, but they are beginning to understand the daily demands that are put on leaders and staff from sun-up to sundown. Last week we were dragging a bit and our president, Richard Barber, saw the team and instantly offered us each a Gatorade. It was such a sweet gesture and everyone appreciated his act of kindness. Saturday the team had the opportunity to go in the pool for the first time, which was a HUGE blessing. Everyone played, laughed and just had a good time. Sunday was our first slow day since we arrived. Another team did morning KP for us. We attended a sunrise service and watched the BMW graduation. Then we got in the pool again for an extended time of relaxation. After lunch we took a quick nap (shocking to be able to do this at Boot Camp!!) and then we spent the majority of our afternoon helping make the alligator pizzas. Everyone enjoyed creating the pizzas and seeing the joy on the team members faces as they enjoyed the pizza and chocolate shakes. We have three more days of Boot Camp classes, then we will help run the Missions Conference and then help with pack out. The Canada team is defiantly ready to head up North for cooler temps.

Thanks again for all of your prayers!

Here are a few testimonies from then team:

Ever since the first week, we bonded really well. Since we bonded, we could grow to be a great team. When I went to Guatemalas in 2016 it wasn’t the same as this team. —  Will

It has been very different experience. God has really taught me to rely on Him. I now have a new respect for TMI staff and leaders. — Gabe

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