Half-Way Done

We are half way through Boot Camp! The team is starting to get excited to finally get to Cambodia. Everyone has picked up quickly on how to ride the bikes during our training. Whenever we go through the mud, Noah spreads out his legs away from the bike to make sure his pants do not get dirty while riding. If I asked the team what their favorite class at Boot Camp is the answer would be learning how to ride the bikes. (And one of their instructors say that they are really good!) The team started drama class Friday and has done exceptionally well in the one drama that they have learned so far. We will be learning one more by the end of Boot Camp.

On Thursday we won the Clean Award again. The team was ready to have something cold for dessert after dinner on Friday. It always rejuvenates the team when they can sit at tables and have ice cream to cool off at the end of the day. Yesterday we had KP (Kitchen Patrol) again. Everyone has been ready and willing to serve the rest of camp in this way. They are more than willing to go wash the dishes for that meal as well as serve the food. Right now everyone is waiting anxiously for pizza and milkshakes for dinner tonight. 

Boot Camp has been an amazing experience. It has been great getting to know my teammates. Boot Camp has been a great time getting away from distractions and getting closer to God. –Lucas M. 

This Boot Camp has been pretty great. I love having a small team because we have the chance to get super close with each other. Bikes are going great and I can’t wait to get on the field. -Kylstia H.

Cambodia & Malawi

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