Honduras Preteen team has been busy

The Honduras Preteen team has been busy the last few days at The Lord’s Boot Camp. Besides running the Obstacle Course and having a busy schedule of spiritual and practical training classes, the team has started rehearsing Gospel presentations that they will be presenting while they are on the field. In singing class we are finding out that Jonathan has been a natural at learning songs in Spanish. Of course it helps having two (two!) team members who are bilingual in English and Spanish (Abi and Nicole). Allyssa and Kaitlyn have been enjoying the drama class, and Nala, Christopher and Leah had a great time in the pool on Saturday (as did the entire team of course). One of the more surprising developments has been Hosea (the 7 yr old son of the Blairs) running the Obstacle Course with the team every morning. In spite of his young age and smaller size, he has managed to finish in the top five every time has run it so far. His light weight has proved to be an advantage at the Wall, where he is easily hoisted up to the two older teens who help him over it with minimal effort. All in all the mood around the team is quite positive this afternoon (Sun), as the entire Boot Camp is awaiting (with eager expectation) the large pizzas and some sort of cold, slushy dairy sweet (known in some parts as a “milk shake”) large enough to fill the bellies of 400+ teens and Preteens tonight as supper. There is a rumor going around the some of the pizza may even have alligator meat on it, a detail that has brought equal parts fascination and revulsion from some of our team members. Here are two mini-reports from a couple of our Preteens, in their own words:

“The older teens have been so supportive of me.  They often give me a high five when they walk by me in line.  They are helping us preteens make some awesome memories and make some awesome friends.”  – Joshua C.

“I have gone over the Wall twice, and both times have been terrifying and exciting. I have had my share of experience on the muddy, wet, slippery desk we use to stand on when we lift each other over it. Also, we have won the Clean Award on back-to back days.  Goodbye!”.  Rachel B.

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